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His arms embrace her close against him as his heart could almost, without hesitation, jump right out of his chest and into hers. There’s a moment here, when it seems as though literally you could conquer the world with your love. That there is nothing that would not bend or bow beneath the weight and force of what you are feeling right in this very minute. And as she pulls him in even closer, she softly sighs an exhale of breath as if to say: I AM COMPLETELY AND FOREVER YOURS.

Moments like these are the very essence of why we have a deep love to document weddings and engagements. To put on display for the entire world to see, the heartbeat behind why you have committed your life to this person. There’s nothing flippant, small, or impure about these emotions. And it’s almost as though they are just pleading to be canned up and preserved in a photograph.

That’s where we come in. We are Jason + Jessica Williams. Welcome to Session Nine Photographers.

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