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The meal is oldest form of fellowship in history. In every culture, when hospitality is extended, bread is broken and shared. So many of our memories are made around the table. We love that. We love putting thought and heart and soul into a meal, setting the table, serving our offerings, and watching the magic happen, as a meal is shared and memories are made. We believe there is great dignity in service. We believe the hospitality industry should be hospitable. We believe a great meal, no matter what the format nourishes the soul. Feel free to reach us at (323) 254-4100 with any questions.

our approach / working with us
We believe there is a tragic irony inherent in wedding catering. Even the words "wedding food" conjure up images of mediocrity. We think it's egregious that you and your love could go to a restaurant and experience inspired, innovative cuisine and attentive, informed service--but for some reason on your wedding day, you might have to settle for something less. Our approach is to narrow the gap between the great restaurant experience and the catered format--the highest quality ingredients and preparation, innovative and artistic presentation, warm and attentive service.

why we love weddings
As we've already said, we're excited about overcoming the ironies. It's ironic that a workday for us, is the most important day in your life. We know you've been dreaming about this day, probably long before you met the person you're sharing it with. We love and thrive on those expectations. We love the look in the groom's eyes as he watches you come down the aisle. We love the look in your eyes as your loved ones raise their glass to your lifetime of happiness. We love knowing that the meal we've prepared, will be served to you, your family and your friends of a lifetime. Cheers!

our travel policy
We are willing to travel, and have flown across the country to be part of our client's events. Contact us to discuss!

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