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location: Los Angeles, CA United States

willing to travel: Yes

describe your artistic style:

Poetry Photo Booths is an elite digital photo booth company. Our style is anything you want it to be because you are one of a kind! Our "artistic" style is romantic, comical, abstract and vintage!

what inspires you?

Poetry Photo Booths started in 2009. The inspiration behind our name is like the song, "Poetry in Motion" among many other interpretations. The way you move, laugh, smile can be portrayed and described in a variety of different ways, so that is why our motto says, "a photo is worth a 1,000 words", and oh, how true this is! We are inspired by the countless wonderful clients, fans, children, newlyweds, best friends, and families who embrace our photo booth each year. We are so fortunate to have each and everyone of you as part of our "team", called Poetry!

what do you love about weddings?

What is not to love about weddings? We LOVE the guests and individuals we get to meet along the way. We enjoy the idea of being an "ice breaker" to those who may not yet know one another or a meeting point for best friends to gather and have a laugh! We are a hidden getaway for the bride and groom to share a quick smooch and mini photo shoot to whoever embrace our booth! Weddings are a momentous time and well, we just enjoy being able to share the day with different people and timeless moments all around Southern California!

what's your travel policy?

We are willing to travel within Southern California for no extra charge as long as the booking is within the areas of - San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County and their surrounding areas. For an extra fee we will consider: Northern California, Las Vegas & Arizona.

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