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Momental Designs

location: Online, PA

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phone: 1.877.RICE.INK

willing to travel: Yes

about us
Our team is made up of several artists - but Momental as a whole is about expressive artwork, splashy watercolors and tons of texture. I personally am obsessed with flowers and can be found painting them whether it is the middle of Winter or I've just picked a fresh bouquet from my cutting garden. Jillian my assistant artist came to us after 10 years in the New York fashion industry and so you can imagine what inspires her most!

our approach / working with us
Carefully placed brushstrokes hold in them a raging river of emotion; the unspeakable kind of feeling that sends a shiver down your neck when you gaze at a sunset or warms your cheeks when you receive a long awaited embrace. Art and the act of making art is an opportunity for both the maker and viewer to feel someTHING. Kristy and her team want you to feel many things – joy, elation, anticipation and adoration. Speaking about art for them is a love language they will teach you to understand. Viewing art is a skill that comes easily to anyone willing to open their eyes and yes, our team is here to inspire in you that vision.

why we love weddings
Weddings are a distinct time in the lives of two people in love. It is an opportunity to honor family, friends and create history together. Weddings offer an inexplicable means of expression that can make your heart beat faster and your pulse race as nothing feels quite as thrilling as finding tangible ways to express your love story. We are honored to be part of the journey.

our travel policy
We work with couples all over the world on a daily basis. In fact, we rarely work with couples in our home town. We find ourselves shipping internationally at least 3-5 times a week and keep flexible studio hours so we can chat with our West Coast couples easily!

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