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Max & Sam Photography

location: Seattle, WA

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willing to travel: Yes

prices from: Wedding commissions start at $3000

describe your artistic style:
For us, wedding photography isn't really about the photos themselves—it's not all perfect sunsets and beautiful venues. It's about you, beginning to end. Our most important goal is to provide a story you can pore through for a lifetime to come, reliving every moment, big and small, experiencing things you may not have even seen the first time around (like your mom's beaming smile as she zipped up your dress, or how tightly your dad held you during the father-daughter dance). When it's all said and done, we don't want you to recall us as another wedding vendor, but as the new friends who quietly or not-so-quietly (I mean, we do love us some Journey jams) celebrated with you until the lights went way, way down.

what inspires you?
We're two best friends who have known each other for a long, long time, and there's nothing that moves and inspires us more than making new friends. Getting to know you and your stories, capturing your tears of joy and belly-aching laughter... that's the sort of magic we not only treasure, but will ensure that open bar won't wash away. We also love us some rye whiskey, old books, roaming the coast, and adventuring (adventuring, adventuring!).

what do you love about weddings?
No matter how many weddings we photograph, we always feel so privileged to document the intimate moments between people who share a love for one another that doesn't always lend itself well to words. Enter: max&sam. From watching you pull on those Spanx to your raging party face and the messy-hair-don't-care night's end—we are definitely fans of the in-between moments. Weddings aren't some grand or hyperbolic gesture of romance, they're celebrations of love and life—a human enterprise so wonderful, it makes an entire room full of people come alive.

what's your travel policy?
Our wanderlust takes root deep within and flourishes at every opportunity. The great PNW to San Francisco Bay, Boston to Bali, Mexico to Myanmar—let's make this an adventure you'll never forget.

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