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Little Nelly Catering Co

location: Los Angeles, CA

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willing to travel: Yes

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Our company’s mission is simplicity above all else. We offer a streamlined menu with minimal variation. We offer a planning checklist that will make sure we’re all on the same page as the big day approaches. We offer a package price that makes sense for feeding a crowd. Our ultimate goal is simplicity without compromise, and as a company that specializes in weddings, we’ve reverse-engineered the process to take out as many of the stumbling blocks as we can, to make your planning process as joyful as possible.

what inspires you?
We’re a new type of catering company. We specialize in wedding catering, and we want to help make planning your big day a delight. After all, the food should be the fun part, right? Spend a little time getting to know Little Nelly, and it’s easy to see what makes us special: exceptional food and elegant simplicity.

what do you love about weddings?
Little Nelly Catering was born from the common refrain of “we just want our wedding to feel like a really great party!” and whether your vision of a party means romantic or rambunctious, we want to offer simply delicious food to be a great backdrop to whatever kind of celebration you have in mind.

what's your travel policy?
Yes, Little Nelly Catering Co loves to travel!

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