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Lauren Schwarz Photography

location: West Chester, PA

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phone: (856) 229-0940

willing to travel: Yes

prices from: My options are carefully created based on what my clients want most. Flexibility. You’ll find simple options with the basics and have the ability to build something totally custom. No being stuck with a bunch of items you may think you need but don’t want. Pricing starts at 3,500 for full day coverage from two photographers. Albums, Art and more are always available to add on.

describe your artistic style:
I'm inspired by the couples I meet and who they are. I love natural, organic emotions and capturing them, so I tend to be more documentary with my approach and less staged. There is plenty of time to grab a few posed portraits during the day, but what I love is those moments of pure wedding day bliss.

what inspires you?
Your Wedding Day is going to be magical. It will be a day like you have never imagined, all the planning and hard work you set out to do after being engaged will all come together. You have dreamed of it for months, maybe even years. You’ll say “I Do”, eat fabulous food, dance like crazy, spend time with family and friends and finish it off with cake! It will be perfect. My approach to photographing your wedding is with all of those things in mind. All you will have left after the last bite of cake has been eaten is your photographs. I approach your day with my own wedding in mind. We’ve been married for quite a few years now and I don’t remember most of the planning or the details. The photographs are all I have to remember and they have become the most valuable thing I have from that day. To me they are priceless. This is the same way I want you to feel about your images years from now.

what do you love about weddings?
When I photograph a wedding, I think of my wedding day. Not because of all the excitement of wearing the beautiful dress, spazzing out with my girls, prepping every last detail or remembering to pack my something blue. It’s the moment when the bride and groom turn to face each other and begin to say their vows. I clearly remember how I had to take a breath first, not from being nervous but from that feeling of knowing this was the moment all of that excitement and planning was for, this exact moment. I was about to tell this man I wanted to be with him forever. I remember that being the first time I truly looked at him that day. The adage is “when you know you know” and I believe that to be true. I knew when he asked me initially, I knew when the doors opened, and I was holding on to my dad to take me down to meet him. But at that moment on the altar in front of all of our loved ones is when I felt it was true. It was the surest I’ve felt about anything, and I’ll never forget it. I believe in love stories, butterflies in your stomach kind of love stories. I love being there to capture every moment on the day your love story truly begins. Marriage is the greatest love story I could ever tell.

what's your travel policy?
I am local to the Philadelphia area and do not charge for travel within an hour from there. However, I love a good adventure and can certainly travel worldwide for you.

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