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location: Worldwide, UK

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phone: +44 20 8525 5677

willing to travel: Yes

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...we see your wedding as the next great adventure, and the first step toward an incredible story waiting to be told. The memories from your wedding day will live on in your minds forever. We see our photographs as preserving those memories for you and for the people that you care about. A strong background in art, fashion photography and movie directing helps us to find visually creative shots full of light, original compositions and lovely moments with a touch of film. Pastel tones, natural light and shallow depth of field are things which are very important for us. Aesthetics is just one small part of our photography though, for us it's the story, your story which matters the most to us. During the day we're silent and shoot moments as they happen, you will never see us telling your nearest and dearest what to do to create a moment. We silently wait till this moment happens and capture it in its most creative and beautiful way.

what inspires you?
Hi, we're Jacob and Pauline. We are a couple who are lucky enough to work together, doing something that is truly special to us. Our passion for photography and creativity has been a constant source of inspiration throughout our relationship. Together, we are enthused by authenticity in design, and aim to tell the personal stories of our couples with an air of simplicity. We value peace and serenity, something which we hope comes across in our work...

what's your travel policy?
We love to travel and we're available across the whole globe! Drop us a message for personalized quote.

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