Heidi Benjamin Photography

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location: Upstate New York, NY United States

willing to travel: Yes

describe your artistic style:

I specialize in film like journalistic wedding and engagement imagery. It is important for me to blend rather than to be obtrusive on your wedding day. I'd rather be a fly on the wall. I document weddings in a very natural way. Never forcing unnatural moments but instead capturing them as they happen, how they happen.

When it comes to photography I love breaking rules, negative space and film qualities.

what inspires you?

I am inspired by everything around me. If I pulled over on the side of the road every time I saw an interesting composition, I'd never get anywhere. Nature, magazines, books, music, colors and objects. My imagination never shuts up.

I often find myself drawing storyboards of my dreamy ideas.

what do you love about weddings?

I am a hopeless romantic. I love being surrounded by love. Every wedding is a new adventure and a total honor to be a part of.

what's your travel policy?

Name the place. I'm there!

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