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location: Harrisburg, PA

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willing to travel: Yes

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We are storytellers devoted to creating inspired films that leave behind the legacies of the extraordinary people they're about. Our process begins by forming strong, personal relationships with our couples so we can continually create honest films of the most important moments of their life. We believe audio is the backbone of great filmmaking, therefore we take more of a fly on the wall approach when shooting, listening for stories as they occur naturally, and devote hours of our time in post to audio design that best fits each individual film. From first introductions to the final packaging, all that we do is custom tailored to each couple, ensuring that the entire Birdhouse experience emulates our motto of personal cinema. Nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania, we travel anywhere our connections take us, recently filming love stories in New Mexico, Minneapolis, Savannah, the Hamptons, Maine & Vermont in HD + Super 8mm.

what inspires you?
For us, people have always been *it*. We are wildly, curiously in love with people and it's this curiosity that has always been the defining source of inspiration for our work. From self-proclaimed weird lovers to people who can dance their faces off to nerdy scientists and theatre actors, our couples, while so varied and different, are a community connected by shared personality traits - they're kind, humble and sweet. It's their differences that inspire their films and their similarities that make you fall in love with them over & over again.

what do you love about weddings?
Simply stated - there is no better day to film than one of the happiest days of someone's life. We fell in love with weddings because of the love weddings made us feel.

what's your travel policy?
Traveling is our favorite! Our most inspired work comes from travel weddings. It's our goal to hit all 50 states (plus as many European elopements as possible).

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