Amari Productions

location: San Diego, CA

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willing to travel: Yes

about us
Love and connection between two people and their community. Bonding makes meaning and we want to capture that.

our approach / working with us
The beauty of videography is it's unique ability to tell the story of your wedding. We cherish that privilege. Throughout your big day, we keep it loose and candid, because we're not there to have you "act out" a wedding film. We're there to capture the real, raw, genuine moments of you two loving on each other. We then take that same mythos into the editing bay. There, we desire to create a film that showcases those words, expressions, and actions that cumulatively make up your wedding story.

why we love weddings
It's all in the meaning!! This is the moment when you are committing to one another and starting a new and exciting chapter in your lives. And it's also maybe the only time in your life where you will be surrounded by everyone you know and love all at the same time. Sheesh! What could be better?! We want to give you a way to remember this day for the rest of your lives. By allowing us to create a film for you, you are guaranteeing that you can relive that day a million times over :)

our travel policy
Take us anywhere! We'll stuff ourselves into your suit case if you'd like us to honeymoon with you ;) For reals though, we get really excited about filming weddings in new places. No additional package charges, just cost of the cheapest flight and a hotel that you wouldn't mind letting your grandma stay in.

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