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willing to travel: No

prices from:

Custom design ordering minimum is $1200. We take custom clients as our schedule allows. Collection suites are designed to be offered at a more budget-friendly price point, ranging from just a little over $4.00 for a letterpress formal invitation with envelope, and including options up to $8.00, depending on the printing method and material.

We are nestled right at the friendly end of couture wedding stationery, price-wise, and that's something we're pretty proud of!

describe your artistic style:

A lot of our work is vintage-inspired, but still current. We like to keep things clean and simple, with pops of pattern and color, allowing the text (the important part) to take center stage. A good way to describe our style, in short, would be "classic and sweet". Packaging is so much fun for us, so we love to design things using unique materials like lace, velvet ribbon, luggage tags, and vintage stamps.

what inspires you?

Constantly inspired by vintage wallpaper prints and florals. Etherial, farm, or outdoor weddings are a weakness. Great typography always stops us in our tracks. Hearts. Lots of hearts. We totally love clothes (and wearing them), especially if they are mustard yellow suede shorts with scallops. Eek!

what do you love about weddings?

We love long, heartfelt vows. The really meaningful ones with inside jokes and tears and conviction. We love fun receptions that aren't structured, but play out more like a party with great friends and food and dancing. Most importantly, we love that marriage symbolizes that most intimate connection that can be had—the one between us and our creator. We love that every time you look at the one you love, you can know that there's a savior who loves you even more. That's the best part, for sure.

what's your travel policy?

We do not currently travel for weddings because we can do everything right here from home, no matter how far you are! That's the beauty of e-mail. Through pictures and conversations, we're really good at figuring out your style, even if you are on the other side of the world. It's not that big of a deal, really!

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