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location: Nashville, TN United States

willing to travel: Yes

describe your artistic style:

I am a lover of dreamy light + a hopeless romantic, two traits that play a great deal into my artistic style and vision.

I use natural light and a lifestyle approach to preserve memories organically. I love the way light works and plays off of everything it touches. I am guilty of getting a bit giddy while shooting a couple head over heals for each other....because watching a love story unfold in front of my lens brings me the simplest form of joy and it's hard to contain my excitement. :)

Please, have a look around my blogsite and shoot me an email if you have questions or just want to chat!! I'd love to hear from you! xo!

what inspires you?

I am inspired by those who live life passionately... and anthropologie

what's your travel policy?

I'd love love LOVE to travel!! Send me an email and we can chat about details!

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  1. Cool concpts. Love the candid shots and your sense of humour.

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