Underwater Engagement Photos + Save the Date!

Kelty from Steep Street sent me the coolest Save the Dates she photographed. They feature an underwater engagement session! From Kelty, Jeff and Stacey are dear friends that I’ve known since childhood and (being the crazy iron man triathletes they are) they were game for an underwater engagement shoot, replete with wedding ensembles, underwater kisses, dancing, and diving. They’ve been all over the world together but had a distinct vision for their engagement shoot and save the date cards, choosing the pool their grew up swimming in. I then created an accordion Save the Date Invite using their engagement photos.

underwater engagement photos

underwater engagement photos

underwater engagement photos

underwater engagement photos

underwater engagement photos

Thanks Kelty! Steep Street is located in Portland, Oregon. You can see more of Kelty’s work on her blog.

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  1. Looove this! I wish I have done something like that!

  2. These are amazing! SUCH a creative idea, executed with excellence.

  3. These are so unique. It looks like she even has a garter belt on…way to go all out!http://sarahhartsu.blogspot.com

  4. that is so amazing! anybody who received that card and ends up not going to the wedding for no good reason is a fool. i hope we get to see more of this couple!

  5. Amazing! So creative and the photos are gorgeous.

  6. so unique and very cool! I actually did a feature on Kelty today as well! =)

  7. Okay, this is by far the coolest save the date card ever!!

  8. You never cease to amaze me – this is so beautiful!!!! You have the most amazing blog, LOVE IT! And I'm a person who's married almost 11 years, with no future plans to re-marry LOL. So why do I read your blog? Because it's just a treat to the eyes.

  9. What an awesome idea, love the accordion style save the date..and I can't stop looking at these amazing photos!

  10. These are super rad & artistic!

  11. Now that is cool. "Taking the Plunge." Incredible idea!! Very well done.

  12. These are completely other-worldly and romantic with an almost creepy edge… love them all!!

  13. Wow, that's really, really cool. Totally jealous right now. How clever.

  14. That's pretty cool. Love that save the date!

  15. Wow, SO creative and really stunning!

  16. Completely gorgeous!! xoxo

  17. oh my gosh i love it!!!!!! how creative! i love it. i love it. i love it.however, i could never do this bc i cannot for the life of me open my eyes under water! bummer. :)

  18. wow! that is so brave! they turned out fantastic! "taking the plunge"– love that!!

  19. WOW! Now that's unique!

  20. Woooow…WHAT?!? …LOVE it!!!!


  22. that looks awesome! good job kelty!!

  23. these gave me the chills… so beautiful!!!!!!

  24. Wow, very original and quite well done.Pretty awesome wedding invites, very unique. Love the underwater concept and the phrase "Take the plunge!" How creative and so brilliant!!!

  25. woooow!these pictures are beautiful and very creative!i just hope the dress survived :P he helove it!

  26. Talk about an original idea!!! Lovely. I am going to pass this on to a few of my destination wedding couples and see if any of them are up for an ocean photo shoot. Thanks for another wonderful blog post!

  27. Are you kidding?!These are amazing. Simply flawless.

  28. This is a unique idea.The Groomsmen Gifts websites have also done a great job putting together theme ideas and the gifts to go with the theme.

  29. I love this idea. What a great way to have a save the date card that's totally unique and not just another photo magnet. Bravo!

  30. This is really cool. Love it!

  31. That is what i call creative trash the dress engagement photos!

  32. Awesome! This definitely looks something I haven't seen. Brings the smile to my face and certainly makes the difference in sea of boring photography. Good work.

  33. incredible stuff!!! unique,innovative, and work that will be talked about..as a matter of fact, I'll put a link to this on my blog:http://dynamictraveler.wordpress.comCheers!!

  34. Sometimes it just take that spark of creative. :) Love this.

  35. Sometimes it just takes that spark of creative. :) Love this.

  36. Wow. It looked like it came straight from a fairytale. Beautiful.

  37. I love it when a couple does something new and inventive to show off their personalities. Bravo to the photographer, these are great.

  38. These are utterly magical. Especially #2! Wow, just stunning.

  39. that is so awesome.

  40. Great photos. Can be a wedding in sea? Will be so marvelous !wedding stuff

  41. amazing shoot! i would love to get an invitation! just brilliant!

  42. These are beautiful. This idea is so creative and original.


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