“The Notebook” Inspired Engagement Photos

The Notebook is one of my most favorite movies and I was speechless when I saw the photos Blushing Bride Studio sent over from an engagement session inspired by the movie. Cindy + Jean-Nicola also love The Notebook. Oh, and Cindy just happens to look A LOT like Rachel McAdams! What a lucky girl!

I love this shoot so much, I selected it as one of My Favorite Engagement Shoots!

We chose the movie The Notebook as inspiration for our engagement photo shoot for a few reasons. For one, Jean-Nicola’s late grandparents had Alzheimer’s disease and this movie touched close to home. Also, the chemistry of the young lovers in the movie was intense! And the era is very alluring to us- the fashion and way of life. We hope that our love endures all that life will throw at us, much like Noah and Allie. Oh, and we always fall asleep hand in hand (reference to the end of the movie)…

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

Seriously breathtaking! Don’t you agree??!

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  1. Absolutely stunning. Makes me proud to call BBS my photographer!

  2. These are amazing! I absolutely love the last photo – they are all great but that one in particular looks like it’s right out of the movie. Fabulous!

  3. Beyond gorg. I love finding inspiration on your site, and this spectacular shoot is no exception! Good find

  4. Seriously, totally amazing. I love everything! It certainly helps that the couple actually look like the characters in the film.

    Love her red dress. And the kiss in the rain *sigh*

  5. THIS IS STUNNING!!! Besides the fact that the Bride actually looks like Rachel McAdams; the outfits, props, setting and styling are absolutely spot on. Probably mt favourite engagement session to date. Who wouldn’t want their man dressed as Noah for the day? PS-“If I’m a bird, your a bird”.

  6. This is RIDICULOUSLY amazing! Literally scenes from the movie, and the last photo is breathtaking. What wonderful photos to have as memories! Thanks for sharing!

  7. what a smokin hot couple! It’s uncanny how much she totally looks like rachel mcadams!! I love this!

  8. WOW! These shots are incredible. They really reenacted all of the pivotal scenes-what a fantastic and creative idea! I love the last picture!

  9. OMG OMG OMG. I’m not chick flick kinda gal but The Notebook is one of my all time faves! This is simply stunning, beautifully shot, and gosh she does look a lot like Rachel McAdams! I completely HEART this!

  10. this just made my day! i love the notebook and these photos are just incredibly breathtaking! swoooooooon! times 10

  11. My gosh, this is SPOT on. So inspiring to see it brought to life. Gorgeous!!!

  12. HOLY CRAP!!! Gorgeous couple, gorgeous photos… I almost can’t handle it!

  13. OK I love that movie so much and this is just awesome. I saw the title on my blog roll and just figured yeah thats been done….but no it hasnt, not like this! Love her so much…the bride is so beautiful and their clothes are awesome! Congrats to them! ♥

  14. THIS IS AMAZINGGG!!!! oh my goodness. so so beautiful
    she even looks like Rachel McAdams
    seriously gorgeous

  15. These images are amazing, the shoot is fautless!! You have captured the essence of the era better than the film!

  16. This is a.maz.ing!!! Just adding this to my list of all time favorites! It’s so fab that they choose this movie because it touched them and they could relate. Gorgeous couple and they just nailed it!!!


  17. So in LOVE with this shoot! Bravo!!!

  18. Omg, this is too cute!! They did an amazing job! So inspiring!

  19. I was so moved by these pictures and in such aw… that I’m writing a post on my blog about them… linking all parties, of course!

    I just can’t believe it! So accurate and so freaking romantic! I love it!

  20. That is so fun! I was so hoping for some shot of them dancing in the street. Oh well the rest make up for it. Totally jealous of that couple!

  21. I must have that dress! Such pretty photos too. Great job BBS! Thanks for sharing Jen.

  22. Wow she looks so much like Rachel McAdams in these photos as well!!! I bet they’re going to have a gorgeous wedding, I can already see it. To have an engagement shoot inspired by The Notebook already bleeds true love.

  23. Hello everyone, thank you so much for the encouraging comments!! We had such a blast shooting this e-session with Cindy and Jean-Nicola, it was an amazing day. The only shots we missed were downtown hanging out scenes, but there was no “down town” out in the country…no even an intersection! Hahaha, thx again!


  24. These are fabulous! I love The Notebook and these photos are better then the movie!
    I love the raining photo. So great!

  25. The very best I have seen and I love The Notebook! I love this photosoot!

  26. That is so amazing. OMG. I love it. First off, that’s my favorite movie. And they are SO cute. And that girl looks EXACTLY like Rachel McAdams. I’M OBSESSED!

  27. WOW! one of my fav’s yet!-Dee shutterdee.com

  28. absolutely breathtaking!
    i want to see the movie again, and again and again!

  29. WOW. I’m speechless. This is amazing.

  30. Wow, total likeness! Such a great movie, and great photos too!!

  31. gorgeous!!! absolutely breathtaking! (love it)

  32. Every shot is so well-composed — that tealish green garage door is such a find!

  33. OMG!!!! I’m in love. Seriously. Love everything thing about this! You post the BEST stuff.

  34. Thank you so much for posting these! LOVE THEM! Do you know how to find where she got that ADORABLE dress??

  35. WOW!!! I love them! What a brilliant idea–and they did such a great job of executing it!! congratulations on a job very well done!

  36. At first glance I thought that last one was a screen shot from the movie. It’s uncanny how similar they look!! Out of this world gorgeous – LOVE the Notebook…how could you not?

  37. It’s sooo beautiful, brought a tear to my eye!!! The setting…the couple…the photography…just perfect!

  38. I have fallen for that red dress. Please send details!

  39. This is absolutely breathtaking!!! What a great movie to use as inspiration!!

  40. these are BEAUTIFUL! just like the movie!! i want to do this now!!!

  41. I love The Notebook! These photos are so sweet and beautiful.

  42. This is quite honestly THE BEST engagement shoot I have ever seen! I love it!! What a great idea!

  43. Such a sweet concept for an Engagement shoot and it was executed PERFECTLY! I’m so in love with these photos!!! :)

  44. oh wow – i LOVE this! this is really impressive. :)

  45. Beautiful…just beautiful.

  46. incredible!!! i don’t usual comment but i couldn’t help myself. am a lover of the notebook myself. thanks for sharing these beautiful images with us!

  47. Wow. It IS THE NOTEBOOK. I mean, it looks just like it basically, and is absolutely gorgeous and convincing and passionate and sweet. What a wonderful shoot!

  48. What a wonderfully romantic photo shoot. The photos do a wonderful job of capturing the love and energy they feel for one another.


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