Create a beautiful wedding website with squarespace

Create your own Wedding Website with Squarespace

Many lucky couples these days don’t ever have to deal with what can now be known as the “technology dark ages” (i.e. the days before the ease of creating your own website with companies like Squarespace existed). Now, you really don’t even need to have a techie bone in your body to create a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly […]

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Wedding Website tips with Squarespace

Wedding Website Tips with Squarespace

Back in the old days (A.K.A. before amazing wedding resources like Squarespace existed) couples were big-time limited to the info they could share with their guests. Details had to all fit onto a teeny-tiny info insert in their wedding invite, or be spread by word of mouth, so no doubt, some important facts would get lost […]

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create a wedding website with squarespace

Squarespace Wedding Websites

If we didn’t actually run a wedding blog, you might hear us gals say we aren’t the most tech savvy bunch. Deciphering code can be like reading a different language, and that’s exactly why we love how easy setting up a brand new website can be with Squarespace. Creating an online presence for your wedding is almost […]

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Use Squarespace To Create A Stunning Wedding Website With Ease

It’s just no fun to try to navigate around a poorly designed + confusing wedding website. With so much info being online these days, one of the most important planning elements of your wedding will be creating an inviting virtual space where all of the important details of your day can live. And since your […]

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Build Your Wedding Website with Squarespace

As some of you may have already found out, finding a good-looking and easy to use wedding website program is no easy task. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you guys to Squarespace today, and let you know how simple it is to quickly set up a custom wedding website that’s guaranteed to automatically […]

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