Engagement Rings
glam platinum engagement rings

Glamorous Platinum Engagement Rings

We can only go for so long around here before we feel the need to talk about one of our fave wedding subjects: engagement rings. Luckily, most of you ladies share our belief that sparkly jewelry is always a good topic of conversation – and many of you may be currently trying to pinpoint which ring […]

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Engagement Rings from MiaDonna

Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings from MiaDonna

It’s hard for any of us to divert our attention away from gorgeous, sparkly things, but for couples who are passionate about ethical, beautiful and affordable jewelry, today’s post – featuring superior lab-created diamond engagement rings from MiaDonna – is for you. The MiaDonna brand has an authentic story and vision. It was started by a consumer, former-model and mother, Anna-Mieke […]

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Handmade Rings

Handmade + Vintage Engagement Rings from Uneek, Natalie K. + SN Queens

Ladies, we’re guessing we probably don’t have to twist your arm to get you to talk a little bling with us for a sec. In terms of the big picture, we all know an engagement ring is the prettiest representation of your life-long commitment. The only piece of jewelry you’ll probably wear everyday. So, choosing the right style […]

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Find Your Ring Style with Joseph jewelry

Find your Ring Style with Joseph Jewelry

When it comes to sparkly engagement rings, it doesn’t take much to grab our attention. But since there are so many styles of rings to choose from, how do you (ahem, help your fiancé) pick a type that you’ll love as much 10…,20…,30 years from the day it was first placed on your finger? Today, […]

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Design your Engagement Ring with Joseph Jewelry

We’re pretty glad that designing your dream engagement + wedding ring is easier than it’s ever been thanks, in part, to our friends at Joseph Jewelry. At Joseph Jewelry, you can design your own ring alongside their experienced jewelry artists to create a custom piece that fits your style within your budget. (Cue a happy dance for all […]

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unique engagement rings

20 Unique Engagement Rings

We’ve decided we have a theory when it comes to engagement rings: the more unique the sparkler, the better. That pretty bauble has a lot to live up to + not just any ring off the shelf will represent you + feel like the right fit. We know you’ll have your work cut out for […]

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Reset your stone with Gemvara

Gemvara Stone Reset + $1000 Giveaway!

Show of hands: Who has a jewelry box filled with things (including diamond, gemstone, or other quality pieces) that you just won’t wear for one reason or another? Whether it be a handed down heirloom or something gifted or bought yourself years ago, it’s usually the setting that can throw a great piece off-kilter and […]

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Joseph Jewelry custom engagement rings

Design Your Dream Ring with Joseph Jewelry

Ladies, let’s chat rings for a sec! We know what we like and what we don’t, and if one thing’s for sure, your wedding and engagement ring should definitely reflect your personal style. If you’re considering designing your own ring, you’ll definitely want to check out Joseph Jewelry, where you can work with their designers to create […]

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Say Yes Sweepstakes

Custom Engagement Rings from Gemvara + a Win Your Dream Ring!

Let’s face it, us girls know what we want when it comes to jewelry, so once we heard about all the ways you can design + customize your engagement ring with Gemvara, well, we’ve been thinking nothing but pretty, sparkly thoughts ever since. All of Gemvara’s rings are handmade in New York by their team of artisans per your specific, […]

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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold + Heirloom Engagement Rings from Jared

Let’s say we add a little bit of sparkle to this Thursday with some gorgeous engagement rings from Jared! At the moment, we’re all about rose gold rings and vintage-inspired, heirloom finds. So, we thought we’d share a few of our current faves from Jared, that match these trends, so we can get our glitz fix on. But first, for […]

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