South African Handmade Wedding: Carin + Casper

bride and groom

Carin + Casper live in London and run a super rad design shop, Shotopop. They thought about going to Vegas to get married, but then decided to throw a huge party for their wedding instead – in South Africa! They planned the wedding weekend around what they liked most and what they thought their friends were really like. So that meant: good food (lots of it), movies, music, games, crazy cocktails and whiskey! Their wedding took place at the Old Mac Daddy in Elgin Valley, South Africa – such a super rad venue with breathtaking scenery, Scandinavian architecture, and 12 Airstream trailers that were imported from the US and designed into boutique rooms by South African artists. A bit more about their wedding weekend from Carin + Casper:

Our wedding started with a nice dinner on Friday night, followed by a few drinks and a movie screened on a sheet! Saturday morning guests could walk around and enjoy the amazing area. The garden party started at 3, and we both were there for the garden party as well. Garden games, live dixie jazz, delicious snacks and merriment in the afternoon sun. The 2 of us and the photographers ducked out for a quick shoot in the area, while our guests slowly moved to the deck, where we then had a short ceremony followed by amazing sunset cocktails. The rest of the night was dancing, eating, sitting around the pool, and more dancing and eating. We had a make your own pizza station as well as a constant supply of small dishes coming out of the kitchen. No formal table settings, but enough places for everyone to sit and eat, if they wanted to. What fun.

Big thanks to welovepictures for the gorgeous photos and congrats to Carin + Casper!


geometric back




bride and groom

garden party

garden party

bride and groom

bride and groom

bride and groom

beige wedding dress

open back dress

Kind of majorly obsessed with Carin’s gown + necklace!

geometric jeweled back

bride and groom

waking to ceremony



Processional: Kiss to Build a Dream On – Louis Armstrong

Recessional: Dixie Swingers playing whatever they wanted

First Dance: That’s What’s Up – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros






reception hall

green colored bottles




pizza sign

There are too many to single out one so we’ll make a list:
• When the Battles song came on absolutely everyone at the wedding started bouncing up an down. It was incredible, from young to old all joined in and bounced.
• The mini burgers! They were amazing!
• Carin’s uncle getting in the middle of a dance circle and boogying
• Dancing was amazing. Everyone partied till really late!
• The light during the ceremony
• The staff at the venue
• The Streamline Moonshine! A place where a few guests could taste some of our favorite whiskies from around the globe.


wedding favor

bride and groom dancing


We have to mention all the help we got. If it weren’t for our amazing support team of friends and family it never could have been the amazing weekend it was. Our friends, Pieter, Aldie and Erika cut and spray painted hundreds of meters of bunting. Carin’s mom made 50 pillowcases and blankets, sewed up all the bunting and made aprons for the staff to wear. Carin’s dad jumped in to string up hundreds of meters of lighting outdoors because the day the lighting designers came it was too rainy to hang them. Rachelle, his girlfriend, organized flowers and cushion stuffing. Casper’s mom and sister went to raid fields for flowers to make confetti. Erika ran around doing numerous errands, from extending a necklace chain, to folding hundreds of cones, to emptying pilchard cans and wrapping gifts. She also organized 2 amazing hen parties, one in Barcelona and one in South Africa. CF was integral in making the best wedding playlist ever and staying up till stupid o’clock in the morning putting the music in order song by song. Casper’s brother and his friend Mo were incredible over the weekend party, jumping in to do all the dirty work, hanging bunting, stuffing cushions in their cases and so on. As you can see, it was a very hands on wedding.

If you’re planning on doing everything yourself, make sure you have a really good support system, otherwise get a wedding planner! We’re sure it would have taken a lot of stress off, but at the same time, we’re so glad we did it ourselves. Also, if you’re planning the wedding from another country, use all the resources you have. The problem with South Africa is some of the best suppliers either don’t have websites or are really hard to find. Recommendations from our photographers was one of the key resources we used. And then don’t skimp on photography. I think one of the best things we spent money on was our amazing photographers. They captured such beautiful moments and are so exceptionally talented. The one thing i wish we had was a video of our first dance. We didn’t specifically want videography, but that specific moment we wish we had captured in motion.

photography: welovepictures (more from their wedding here) // venue: Old Mac Daddy, Elgin Valley, South Africa //  florals: Rachelle, Casper’s dad’s girlfriend bought all the flowers and then she roped designing and adding the laser cut leather, cut by Cut Laser Cut // shoes: Dune // groom suit: Alexander McQueen, Trousers from David Mayer Naman, Shoes from Hudson and the tie we had made by a lovely lady in Brick Lane // paper goods: We designed the invitations ourselves (we’re illustrators so it seemed the natural way and we thought it would save us money). We also designed a few things like a gift tag, stickers // catering: Brinny Breeze (Old Mac Daddy)

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  1. Where is that back necklace from! It’s stunning!

  2. Wow! That dress is amazing. I love how non-traditional it is. You can really tell this couple loves each other in these photos. Sweet.

  3. Where is that dress from? It is perfect!

  4. I love everything about this wedding! But the DRESS!!!! Loved it.

  5. i love the giant jenga where did you get it? I woud love to have this for mine

  6. The post looks great guys, lovely write up. Thanks for the love, always super happy to see our work on Green Wedding Shoes.

  7. love the clothes! where’s the dress from?

  8. Oh my… this wedding makes me dream… so, so much!
    It’s an “ode” to what is really unique and a true personality… no fear of rejection or what others might think!
    So inspiring and so true! Bravo!

  9. This is such a beautiful wedding! Ah! Love it so much!

  10. This is so gorgeous and non-traditional!! i adore it!

  11. Wow! This wedding looks too good to be true. I love the natural aspects of it, and the bride’s gown?! Absolutely gorgeous and unique, especially with that great accent piece of a necklace.

  12. This is just awesome! Beautiful wedding and images!

  13. this wedding dress is wonderful buy where did she buy it ???
    i’d kill to know it :)

  14. This is a bit of a late reply, sorry, but thanks for all the lovely comments on the dress. I designed the dress myself and a friend helped make it, so unfortunately you won’t find it in any shops. Thanks for the love though… the bride

  15. Nice Capture of Pics and they both are looking cute

  16. Aheam !!!That’s so stunning pictures. Really Enjoy the picture, also the looks of both was adorable. The Blazer Design is awesome. Let i subscribe this blog. Also follow up my blog too @


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