Royal Wedding Recap + Kate’s Wedding Day Fashion

kate middleton wedding fashion

So, I didn’t wake up at 3 am to watch the wedding live – did any of you guys? But I did watch all the recaps and coverage this morning and I have to say I really got sucked into all the history + their love. They just seem so happy + in love and who doesn’t love that! :) So, I’d love to hear what your favorite moments were! Here are some of mine:

• When Kate first got out of the car and we all saw her beautiful dress – reminded me of Grace Kelly – so gorgeous! I also love that she wore her hair down – gorgeous with the 1936 Cartier halo tiara lent to her by Queen Elizabeth. Loved her dress + veil, Pippa’s gorgeous dress (also by McQueen) and the adorable flower girls! How cute are they with their flower halos!! Super cute.

• The kiss – or 2 kisses should we say – on the balcony. :)

• Her simple white bouquet. The simpleness of it really lets the dress take center stage. Her bouquet contained myrtle, ivy, lily-of-the-valley and hyacinth as well as sweet William blooms as a nod to William – love that personal detail!

• And then the Aston Martin (which was decorated with balloons, a big red ribbon, and a license plate that read JU5T WED) they drove off in after their brunch – LOVED that. The hubby and I didn’t do a getaway car, but after seeing this I totally wish we did. It looked so fun!

kate middleton wedding dress lace sleeves

Of course, her dress! That was the thing I was most excited to see. It didn’t disappoint for me. What did you guys think? Very traditional, but she looked SO gorgeous. Designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen – she was stunning. I LOVED the lace sleeves – reminded me of another lace sleeve wedding dress I fell in love with last year – that of Ivanka Trump. So pretty and thinking we might see more lace sleeves in the coming years! :) I found a few dresses out there right now with lace sleeves (starting at the top left) by Monique Lhuillier. This dress is actually her homage to Kate and called the Catherine from her 2012 Collection, below from Legends By Romona Keveza and the dress on the bottom right is by Priscilla of Boston (style 4615).

fascinators at royal wedding

fascinators for your wedding

And of course all the fun fascinators and hats! Perfect for a wedding guest (as seen above at their wedding) or on the bride. Here are some perfect picks I’m loving: from BHLDN, Lo Boheme, Twigs & Honey, and the bottom row all from Kitty Andrews.

Kate Middleton Second Wedding Dress

For Kate’s evening dress she wore another gorgeous Sarah Burton dress. I love her pale white sweater (we’ve even posted before about out love of brides + sweaters) and of course her beaded sash! Gorgeous and you could easily incorporate this into your wedding attire – plus you can wear this sash again and again! Some of my favorites include these belts below by Michelle Rahn (top row) and Untamed Petals (bottom row).

beaded sashes belts

So, what do you guys think – anyone thinking of incorporating any of my favorite royal details into their wedding? I’d love to hear about them! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

all photos of the Royal Wedding from Instyle and The Sun

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  1. Love this recap! The style was just amazing. :)

  2. So beautiful! Love it all!

  3. I really wasn’t into the wedding until this morning! I woke up naturally at 4:40 and thought “Why not?” So I flipped on the TV and the FH slept while me and the ladycats watched. My one kitty girl, Lucy hopped down and plunked herself in front of the TV set because she wanted to see first peek of the dress!
    So we kind of had a viewing party, the cats and I!
    I love her dress; the shape is very similar to Grace Kelly’s. Her veil is so gorgeous. I love her bouquet, too; I didn’t know there was sweet William in it! SO cute!

  4. I loved, loved, loved her dress! I, too, immediately thought…Grace Kelly. Beautiful.

  5. Hi, I live in Argentina and the wedding was about to start when I woke up (6 am) so I followed all the wedding live. It was really nice. Then I went to my sister-in-law’s to chat with her and my mother-in-law and we saw all the recaps. We shared a nice moment.

    I’m not very fond of the dress because it is not the type of dress I particularly like, but she looked good in it, and that is the only thing that matters, isn’t it?

    What I liked the most was the dress Kate’s sister wore. It was marvellous. It was elegant and nice, but simple enough not to distract the attention from her sister Kate.

    I also liked Queen Elizabeth’s dress. I think yellow was a perfect colour, as it reminds of the sun and as it is symbol of the royalty. I wonder if that was the reason for having chosen it.

  6. Love your recap! I adored them leaving in the car also and her little flower girls were so cute!! Congrats to them.

  7. Love her second dress! I hadn’t seen it before – she is so pretty + tiny waist!

  8. I too have a bit of royal fever. My absolute favorite part of the day was when they first stepped out on the balcony and you can see Kate mouth “oh wow” when she saw the hundreds of thousand of people. I can’t even begin to imagine all the emotions she must be experiencing today. A true fairytale moment.

  9. Shelby – I LOVED that too!! I can’t imagine all the emotions she is going through today…

    Veronica – I know – I don’t think I could pull off Kate’s dress myself, but she looked amazing and that is all that matters, you are right! Pippa’s dress though – I would totally wear that! :)

    HilljO – I know, so fun about the bouquet! Loved it. :)

  10. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get up to watch it, but then just before bed my mom and sisters decided we should all get up. So at 2:30 am we all woke up and watched it live… Kate looked absolutely gorgeous in that first dress! (we went back to bed after the ceremony) I definitely might take some inspiration from that when I go shopping for my own dress.

  11. I watched it! But the time difference is only one hour in Sweden ;) And she was so beautyful and the dress looked just as I hoped it would with lace á la Grace Kelly! :)

  12. I absolutely love the dress! And I love the small bouqet and bridal party too.

    I have not seen it yet (I recorded it) because I was out (in Australia it was at a reasonable time, 8pm!) but I shall be watching it soon.

  13. So great that you got pics of her evening reception dress. Lovely, too! The personal details they incorporated are what really made this such an endearing wedding — while still honoring royal traditions.

  14. I loved everything about it!!! Her dress was simply stunning!!!! They are an adorable couple!!!

  15. I am so happy to see grace, elegance and style come back to the Royal family. Kate’s dress was PERFECT, fitted bodice,vintage looking lace, soft veil trimmed in the same lace…just stunning!
    I wish them all the best!

    Robbin Montero
    A Dream Wedding

  16. Just wondering, Because I’ve read this twice now. When I was watching Barbra Walters (live) on her cover of the royal wedding, she was listing some of the “why, this, why that” Like the tiara coming from the queen and wore by the queen mother as well… but I could have swore she said one of the significance of the bouquet was that they also can from the queen elizabeths shrubs?!

  17. A gloriously uplifting occasion! I thought Kate’s dress looked divine. I wonder if a tad more height around the tiara, hair, veil area, might have made it “pop” even more. I thought both Kate and Pippa’s gowns were crying out for an elegant necklace of some sort. Pippa’s gown, also gorgeous, I imagined with either longer sleeves (3/4 length maybe, and in the same lace as Kate’s perhaps?) or a beautiful bracelet of some sort. As a musician, I thought the music SO beautiful I cried! It must have sounded heavenly in real life! What a privilege to “experience” such a moving event in our life times!

  18. Kate looked exquisite, she was absolutely flawless. I loved reading your highlights! :)

  19. love it the dress is gorgoues

  20. It was really a fairytale wedding and Kate’s wedding dress was a dream !

  21. Her second evening dress is just exquisite!!!! oh my word!!!!

  22. I loved her dress so much I had said on Tuesday it would look like Grace Kelly she did not dissapoint, I have a beaded sash for my dress love it but I got mine already hope people don’t think I’ve copy thought off all on my own hehe, but I might copy the sweater for the evening look lovely

  23. I love royal weddings!!!!

  24. My favourite part was when Kate and William stepped out onto the balcony and she saw the thousands of people lining the Mall, and said “OH WOW”. Wills wasn’t phased at all, but Kate looked amazed.

  25. As I live in France I had the occasion to watch it live on TV and was very excited to see her dress! My best moment was when she appeared on the balcony and saw how much people were in front of Buckingham Palace!

  26. I just love both her dresses (and her sister’s too). I’d wear any of them to my wedding! I really hoped she would distance herself from Diana’s 80’s excess and I was so happy to see in the first dress inspiration from two dresses with timeless beauty: Grace Kelly’s and the Queen’s (for the upper and lower part respectively). I wonder if we’re all getting inspiration from the same places though! I will be wearing a pretty laced dress (though short), simple bouquet, lovely beaded sash and a similar sweater for the evening! I’m sure people will think I got inspiration from hers but actually it was more from GWS ;)

  27. I like to see the royal wedding which had combination of style and look. Everybody like the wedding and dress of cate.

  28. this wedding was just simply beautiful in every way!

  29. Thanks for the recap Jen! After not being able to watch the wedding live, this was the most perfect way to feel in the know about all of the lovely details! Thanks!

  30. Big fat lovely wedding on:

    I live in the UK and was excited for the Royal Wedding. I hosted a royal tea party and watched it with a group of friends. I loved her dress, it was stunning. The shape and style reminded me of one Princess Margaret wore to her wedding many years before. Being the old romantic I am, I adore a good love story. As a wedding planner I love all the detail, and This did not disappoint. Class and sophistication echoed through Westminster Abbey. A wonderful day. X

  31. Sarah Elizabeth on:

    I love how classy Kate was, although I would not expect anything less.
    I actually am planning on a lace wedding dress, v neck and long sleeves, and in a form fitting sheath. I have found a seamstress who has agreed to make this for me. I had been thinking about embroidery around the hips and waist, but I am now interested in the belt idea as well.

  32. Great post and photos!! I just loved the royal wedding, and I really hope those long lace sleeves come into fashion, because Kate’s dress was beautiful! It was so much fun to see all the guest fashion too!

  33. Awesome Post… Loved The Royal Wedding…


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