Bohemian French Inspired Wedding: Tahni + Joseph

Wow, you guys, wait until you see the amazing photos of Tahni + Joseph’s wedding! The wedding took place at Oak Tree Manor in Spring, TX. Tahni + Joseph infused so much of their relationship into the wedding and it turned out so uniquely them. This wedding is also special to me since Tahni read Green Wedding Shoes throughout her planning stages – thanks Tahni! Tahni was sweet enough to provide some details into their day also. :) And I need to thank the talented Clayton Austin for letting me share his stunning photos with everyone.  And now for the photos…

bridesmaids dresses hanging boutonnieres

bride with flower headpiece statue

From Tahni, I painted the image on my invitations and had “art prints” printed with the wedding details on the back. I really wanted to create something beautiful, and extremely personal, with the hope that people wouldn’t throw away the invitations.

I know birds are pretty big right now, but my husband actually learned a lot of ornithology (the study of birds) from his father. So I wanted to use birds in some way to represent both my husband and the freedom that birds often convey. We used birdcages filled with flowers instead of bridal bouquets in addition to other bird details throughout. The flowers were actually done by a friend of the family and my step-mom. They worked endlessly to pull of all the birdcages, centerpieces, my bouquet, the boutonnieres, and many other flower details.

French vintage wedding inspiration

vintage wedding photos bohemian

Theme/inspiration of the day?
Oh so much inspiration! I owe a lot to the fantastic beauty of the oak tree and the artistry of the French. My husband and I studied French in college and it’s magic is found in all the intricacies of our wedding. We are cafe lovers and incorporated a coffee bar. I bought a French desk and incorporated French into many of the other details. All but a few of the centerpieces were French tea boxes and I chose to use dried flowers instead of fresh, as inspired by the dried flowers in many French country homes. Lavender has always represented hope for me, so that was a starting point for the flowers as well.  As a visual artist, I got really carried away by painting reserved signs for the tables, along with other signs throughout, and art to go on a wall a friend built.

My main goal was to combine artistry, France, and bohemianism as I planned out all the details.

outdoor wedding under oak tree

wedding ceremony oak tree

wedding couple field of lavender

I got my dress at The Princess Bridal in Old Town Spring, TX. They worked with me a lot to take one dress that had a good idea and have the manufacturer’s change it a lot to get the exact look that I wanted.

bride and groom field of lavender

bride and groom stove field

Our photographer, Clayton Austin, is so incredible to work with. Not only is he extremely creative, but he is fun to be around and also really kind. I loved working with him and working together to bring wonderful ideas to fruition. Out of everything, I have to say that Clayton was our number one catch and we couldn’t be happier with his work and with him as a person. We are so grateful for him.  I am moved by the beauty that he is able to capture.

bride groom oven field of lavender

bride groom oven field of lavender

wedding lavender oven whimsical

It is so hard to choose a favorite memory. I actually remember the entire day, it wasn't a blur like people say it is. But perhaps my favorite parts of the day were when our parents and the wedding party surrounded us and prayed for us at the beginning of our ceremony and then when my maid of honor and I did a choreographed dance after the other "first dances."

I think the photo below is my favorite – how magical! – from Jen

bride and groom in tree

bohemian french wedding reception decor

vintage french wedding decorations

vintage postcards colored glass wedding decorations

The catering was done by a family friend. George Carameros who owns Don Patron in downtown Houston is the most generous man and makes amazing food! We got so many compliments on his work.

butterfly flower vases painted wedding decor

french desk and vases wedding reception decor

wedding coffee bar

wedding cake with pink flowers

My advice is to make your wedding you. I think what makes a wedding beautiful is representing things that are lasting and full of beautiful truth. I gave it everything I had and I am so happy with how beautiful I thought it was and how much people told me they loved it.

Congrats to Tahni + Joseph! You can see more photos from their wedding here on Clayton’s blog. Clayton is based in San Antonio, Texas, but available for travel worldwide.

**This wedding was also chosen as one of our top weddings from 2010! **

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  1. Name (required) on:

    This is absolutely my favorite wedding I’ve ever seen featured here – and I’ve been a daily, loyal reader for almost a year! So fresh and original… I love that she incorporated so many personal elements. Perfect!

  2. jen, thank you so much for featuring our wedding! green wedding shoes is by far my favorite wedding blog and you have no idea how excited i am that you liked the wedding.
    thank you thank you!

  3. Okay! I’m totally in love with EVERYTHING about this wedding! Too gorgeous for words..The details on centerpieces are spectacular! Kudos to the beautiful couple!

  4. Wow I absolutely love this wedding… so beautiful and unique. :)

  5. That picture from behind the crowd with the light spot around the couple and the enormous beautiful tree – my favorite wedding photo I’ve seen all year. Just breathtaking. And I’ve been looking at way too many wedding photos this year. :)

  6. love the whole set with the oven! so unique!

  7. This might be the most beautiful wedding I’ve seen on a blog yet. It just seems to exude happiness and light.

    (btw, that flower crown is gorgeous! Looks like Whichgoose from etsy; is it?)

  8. This is stunning! I can feel the love, too. Le sigh.

  9. WOW!!!!! amazing. Ditto about the sun flare around the couple.

  10. As Tahni’s older sister and wedding party member it was a wonderful day. And my favorite part was praying for them with the entire wedding party. I would also like to point out that all the girls went barefoot too.

  11. I love it!
    I love everything about this wedding!
    totally breathtaking!

  12. Wow.. I love the photos. Everything looks gorgeous. I really like the bouquets in the bird cages.

  13. This is such a charming & heartfelt wedding! So many sweet personal touches and I love the photography- especially during the ceremony! Beautiful lighting!

  14. Such a heartwarming and lovely wedding.I love the bride’s wedding gown and the flower wreath on her head.

  15. Name (required) on:

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful photografies!!!

  16. WOW this is so magical! Love everything about this wedding!

  17. The tables are absolutely amazing!

  18. Tahni, I was very inspired by your wedding! I was wondering if you could tell us where you got the different colored glassware featured on your reception tables? Thanks!

  19. erin- thank you!!! i actually got the colored glassware everywhere. i was always searching for stuff, from thrift stores, to antique shows, to anthropologie. i spent the entire 6 months i was engaged searching for perfect pieces. :)

  20. Amazing Post, love the bride/angel analogy!! eclectic and fun!!

  21. Good photographer! The photos are very nice

  22. These are, by far, the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Anywhere. All of them. Awesome.

  23. Name (required) on:

    There is not a single aspect of this wedding I don’t love. And you get the sense the bride made choices that were personal and stylish for her rather than just trying to create a perfectly styled event. And it authenticity is why it’s so gorgeous!

  24. Beautiful, beautiful wedding!! Would anyone know the name of the dress / designer?

  25. I love this wedding–the cake is amazing (I blogged about it on my blog, One Florida Bride). And I think the fact that she used dried flowers and they ended up looking just as beautiful as fresh is fantastic!

  26. I love that stove in the field. LOVE IT!

  27. Everything, every single detail is perfect about this wedding. And absolutely beautiful. Love it. All of it.

  28. I love the color palette and whimsy of this wedding! Beautiful!

  29. Wow, this is in my town.
    I had no idea Spring could be so cute!

  30. This is amazing. The details from the ceremony to the reception are truly breath taking. Congrats to Tahni for truly taking control and making her wedding personal and unique!

  31. This is, hands down, THE MOST stunning wedding I have ever seen{and when you’ve been with your boy for 7 years, and you live, breathe and sleep weddings, you’ve seen a lot of weddings}. Every little detail that was incorporated, is magic. LOVE the dresser. LOVE the colour scheme. LOVE the postcards. It’s kitchy, pretty and fun. Simply. Lovely.

  32. Simply stunning. The photos during the ceremony are beautiful. I love the feel and you can see all the effort and love that was put into making this day theirs. So fittingly them, and I don’t even know them!


  33. wow, this wedding is beautiful…any idea who the dress designer is?

  34. I think I love every single thing I saw in every single picture – how inspiring! I’m a girlfriend, pining to be a bride, but I’ve promised to be patient, which means I spend lots of time on the internet looking at gorgeous ideas – and this is full of them! So glad I found your blog, and this post. :) Xo, Anna

  35. Thank you – I have read this and smiled and it has really made me think

  36. I love how the photos give such an ethereal quality to the feel of the wedding and that magnificent picture of them kissing next to the oak deserves nothing less than a huge canvas made up and put in a special place in the home!

  37. the dress is actually custom made from casa blanca based off of a different dress. i’m pretty picky so i wanted it exactly how i wanted it. and to have something no one else had. :)

  38. Just curious as to where you found the birdcages.


  39. Everything about this wedding is…..perfect.

  40. Wow. Totally stunning. Just love it you must have a a dream day!
    Tahni – May I ask what you had engraved on your wedding ring? It’s beautiful.

  41. This wedding is just adorable.

  42. Does he always wear that flatcap? ‘Cause its fucking awesome!

  43. Its amazing! Breath taking and stunning.


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