Real Wedding: Sarah + Jaime’s Fun Modern Wedding

This wedding today is modern, fun, intimate and has lots of diy details- all favorites of mine! Jennifer + CJ – The Nichols – are a husband and wife photography team from Austin whose work I’ve been following for a few months, so I was super excited when Jennifer sent me this wedding. From Jennifer, Sarah + Jaime did such a fantastic job of bringing Mercury Hall to life through their use of vibrant color, balloons, and small touches that truly reflected their personalities and great sense of style and design. Congrats Sarah + Jaime!

modern wedding

blue boutonniere

modern wedding

Sarah’s grandmother surprised her with this adorable doll and had even re-created Sarah’s wedding-day details down to the feather-motif necklace that she wore. How sweet is that!? The shoes are J Crew and were bought on ebay.

modern wedding

Bouquets of Austin did a beautiful job with all of the vibrant floral arrangements and bouquets!

modern wedding

Love the bird motif!

modern wedding

modern wedding

Sarah + Jaime collected all the vintage books in shades of blue to use for the centerpieces.

cupcake tower

modern wedding

They also had a fun photo booth at the reception! Love the creative backdrop.

Sarah was also sweet enough to share some thoughts from the day with us. Thanks so much Sarah!

Favorite Memory of the Day: It’s hard to pick just one. The whole day was such a whirlwind of awesomeness! There are two things that stand out to me now. The first is standing there in front of everyone, listening to our officiant and gripping Jaime’s hand SO TIGHTLY! He was then and will always be the only thing that can keep me standing upright when all I want to do is pass right out! The second thing came a few days after the wedding when I was talking to my dad, who’s been married and divorced several times. When I first told him we were getting married, he said, “why?” in this sort of confused manner. But after the wedding, he told me that at this point in his life, he thinks of weddings and marriage as this contract of do’s and dont’s, of thou shalts and thou shalt nots, and that after our wedding he realized that the day wasn’t about do’s and dont’s, that it was about love, and I thought YES! Finally! Someone else understands that it’s not about cutting a cake or taking a pretty picture or throwing a bouquet or whatever other “traditions” everyone says you MUST do. It is about love above all.

Theme/inspiration for the Day: We like to think of life and love as one big adventure. We’ve been together for so long now (we got married right around our 10-year anniversary), so we looked at the wedding and at married life as another new adventure for us. The bird theme sort of came about from that, as we hope to take many adventures together and fly around the world every chance we get. Also, the birds tattooed on my back carry over to Jaime’s arm, and I have “birds of a feather flock together” tattooed on my feet as a symbol of us sticking together through life.

Any advice for those planning now? You can do it!! We had a small budget, but didn’t want to skimp on things, so we had to get creative. We had the wedding on a Thursday, which helped out tremendously with venue costs and keeping the guest list small. And whenever I encountered something I wanted but couldn’t afford, I just figured out a way to do it myself. For instance, I really wanted a short dress, but the ones I loved (stephanie james, for instance) were so far out of my budget. After stopping in to a local fabric store and asking for seamstress recommendations, I found a local seamstress who worked with me to make my dress for about half what a designer one would cost. I also learned to trust my vendors. I picked them because I liked their taste and style, so there was no reason not to let them have some creative freedom, and that was the best decision I could have made! Everything turned out better than I could have expected had I gone in and said I want exactly x, y, and z.

VenueMercury Hall
Coordinator– Aimee Villa with Lizze Belle Event Planning
FloristBouquets of Austin
Catering- Ecstatic Cuisine
Dress & bolero: handmade by Linda O’Krent (Austin seamstress)
Veil and Corsages- Jessica Leavitt (
CupcakesSugar Mama’s Bakeshop
Cake Toppers– Naked Peggies from Etsy

Check out more from this wedding (and while you’re there check out some of their other amazing photos!) on The Nichols Blog. Thanks again Jennifer + CJ for sharing your work with us today!

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  1. This looks so fun! Did they make the banner above the candy bar? any tips on where they got or how they made those pretty white letters?

  2. Love the ceremony details! Great ideas for my indoor ceremony. The bride is so cute too!!

  3. Wow, this wedding is so beatiful!!!!

  4. Turquoise is my least favorite colour in the entire world and they have made it look amazing. Wow!

  5. any idea where they got those adorable bird cages???

  6. I love her shoes! Any clues where the came from?

  7. Love love love the turquoise and white, it really pops. Such a clean look. The shoes are fantastic and I am 100% in love with the candles in the turquoise birdcages, wow!!

  8. OK… I don't know what I like the best…, the colors, the birdcages, the bride and groom, the poem…

    So fun!
    (finally going to see New Moon this Sunday!!!)

  9. Shayna- I just added some more info to the post. The shoes are J Crew and she bought them on ebay.

  10. What a delightful and sweet wedding! I love all the colors!!! Do you happen to know where they got the groom's tie or what brand it is?

  11. Hey Guys!

    Thanks for all of the comments. They are so nice…. Well Sarah did an amazing job with everything and we couldnt be happier with everything.

    Yes! We made the banners… we actually just bought the equipement to make them ourselves recently (we used sarah's moms stuff) because people have been asking for us to make them banners. So we are going to start to make those banners along with the cup cake toppers (sugar mammas ordered 36 dozen!). It will be fun!

    Most of the bird cages came from Hobby Lobby and Michaels.. they where on crazy sale. We did pick up a few here and there and I had the pleasure of spray painting them all!

    Shoes are from J. Crew and were bought of Ebay.


  12. The tie I bought at Macy's.. and I am pretty sure it's BCBG.. if it's not I will get back to you later today!

  13. Thanks so much for featuring our work! We really enjoyed documenting this wedding and we're thrilled to share it with your readers. Thanks again!

  14. the colors are fabulous! makes me want to decorate my house in teal, hot pink and with tons of bird cages!

  15. I have been looking at/planning wedding stuff for a year and a half now. I was starting to get so tired of seeing the same old thing over and over and really was feeling burnt out on wedding "stuff"… until I saw this on my google reader.

    I haven't been this inspired by a wedding in the longest time. You did an AMAZING job and I can't wait to copy all your ideas (especially the books!) ;)

  16. This is super cute! I love the cupcake cake with the doll caketoppers and the table centerpieces with the books. The bird theme was a great idea nd using the birdcages was pure genius. This wedding has definitely inspired me. Everything looks great.

  17. So sweet! The color scheme is amazing, and so is that dessert table!

  18. Wow! What a beautiful wedding. I've just brought my bridesmaid dress and it's a peacock green and I was unsure how I was going to do the colour scheme – now I know. Stunning bride and groom! LOvely!

  19. Simple but still quite beautiful. I like the color. I've always loved this share and more so if paired with red!

  20. What a perfect way to start the day! Love this wedding everything is bright and shinny and …happy! Everything a wedding should be!

  21. Lovely wedding… looks like a lot of fun, too! I'd love to know more about the custom poster of the birds in the nest with that great saying; it might be my favorite detail of all. Thank you! And congrats to the newlyweds!

  22. How darling is this wedding, love the great tie ins with all the pops of turquoise! So clever to have spray painted those birdcages, and was dying over even the vintage books in the perfect palette. Great work.

  23. The cake toppers, the little cupcakes and the delightful sweets are simply tempting.I love simple weddings…all so natural,refreshing and absolutely timeless.

  24. I am planning an April 17th wedding (he hasn't officially proposed yet, perhaps this wknd?!) and turquoise and pinks are my colors. We started a Twitter a few months back @OurHeartsTweet and have been wanting to do a "bird theme". The grooms cake will have all of our Twitter addresses including @PopDaQuestion and @TheBride2B ! We will use your ideas throughout! I've always loved birdcages in fact I have a couple of them (which looks like I'll be SPRAY PAINTING!)Thanks so much and God bless your married life!

  25. This is great wedding, well done guys! Love the bird print…where did it come from?

  26. Hello – I love your decorations. Where did you get the big balloons ?

  27. your wedding is an ISPIRATION!Lovin’ it!

  28. My favorite are the books! Where on earth did you find them all???



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