Real Wedding: Jim + Sharon’s Wedding with a Bike

When Sharon first sent me some photos from her wedding, I really loved how her husband and her incorporated so many details about themselves into their day. That really is what it’s about – making the day about you as a couple! Their ceremony was at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in Culver City and then they had their reception at the Smog Shoppe (one of my most favorite locations!) All the wonderful photos are by Walter Pieringer. Sharon was sweet enough to send some details about their day also. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us Sharon and Jim!

We had an amazing time! We made everything from the centerpieces, to the photo booth to the candy bags and candy display to handmade buttons for all the guest and so much more. We had a video loop playing during our reception that our friend created, which was us riding bikes thru various scenes.

outdoor wedding with a bike

outdoor wedding with a bike

When Sharon first sent me photos, I loved all the photos with the bikes and had to know what the story was! From Sharon, The bike was very significant to us, especially to Jim. He is an Art Director at OdysseyBMX. He has been riding bmx bikes since he was a young boy back in Long Island. We met in LA through some mutual friends at an Action Sporting event in Pomona. It was very casual, and it was more like “Hi”, “Bye”. Then two years later we met again, and have never been separated (that was 3 years ago). Some of Jim’s pro athletes compete in the X Games, so it’s another reason that we were able to meet up again, and why we have some common interest.

So we were riding a custom made Hercules/Sunday Frame bmx sidehack with Odyssey parts. Orange version was painted and decaled by Jim. Our ordained minister, Mike Ardelean, is also a pro bmx athlete. One of our closest and dearest friends.

outdoor wedding with a bike

outdoor wedding with a bike

smog shoppe wedding

candy bar

dessert bar

How awesome is this photo booth?? So creative and fun. It was made by Jim and his friend Jeff.

photobooth frame wall

Our friends surprised us and made shirts for all our wedding guest. The day before the wedding, we had a Beach Volleyball Day for all the guest to hang out, catch up, and get to know one another little more before the Big Day. So our bridal party made T-shirts for everyone. What great friends!

wedding shirts

I love these invites! Jim designed them and had them screen printed on handkerchiefs at a local printer. Many of our friends brought the invitation with them and used it as a pocket handkerchief, which we encouraged on the invitation. One of my co-worker’s mom made a dress out of the two handkerchief for their daughter to wear at the wedding. It was great that everyone found another use for the invitation. Also, his mom helped us make the ceramic birds. (She just happens to have a kiln in her basement. Lucky us!) We had purple and orange ceramic birds with the center piece. There were enough for each of the guest to take some home.

travel wedding invitations

Looking back, my favorite memories were everything leading up to the wedding. Jim and I had an amazing time being creative and incorporating pieces of us in our wedding. We got in engaged in December 2008, and decided to have the wedding in less than 6 month. So it sparked a lot of energy to get motivated and design a wedding that reflected our personalities. At the actual wedding, I think my favorite part was the Pae Bek Ceremony. It was so unique and our friends loved it. It also allowed us to recognize our parents and have them incorporated in the evening. Plus i got to wear a korean hanbok, which was so beautiful.

Vendor Info:
We made it a point to keep it within the community, so the majority our vendors were Culver City locals.

Caterer: Tender Greens, Culver City
Cupcakes (Green Tea, Oreo Cookie, Creamsicle, and Banana Cream): Jessica Madrid (a friend of the couple)
Dress: Handmade by my friend Tamara Dutton Zielinski
Other Desserts: Dolce Forno and a local donut shop
Paek Bek Ceremony (Korean Tea Ceremony) Esther Kim

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  1. Love all the great details! You can just see how much fun they had! I'm planning my wedding currently for April 2010 and I love popping in here to get some much needed inspiration! Thanks!!

  2. Wow! So stylish and fun and youthful. Sharon, you completely rocked that dress! I'm looking for a short dress to wear at my reception. Does Tamara have an Etsy shop? Or does she accept custom orders? Thank you! And congrats!

  3. That dress is ridiculous cute. I love the idea of tee shirts for the guests. This is definitely a wedding I'd want to be a guest at.

  4. This is a gorgeous wedding! I LOVE the dress. Your friend seriously needs to get on or start her own business or something. FANTASTIC!

  5. This wedding is so freaking cool! I was drooling over her dress and that amazing view, and then every picture I went through was more spectacular than the next. So very very very cool!!

  6. LOVE this wedding! My fiance and 2 of his groomsmen are BMXers, we will definitely use the bike photos as inspiration for our wedding. The photobooth wall is also amazing, all the creative elements of this wedding are beautiful!

  7. oh wow what an amazing wedding! gorgeous couple – her outfit is stunning and that purple candy station…eeek! wonderful wondeful

  8. That dress is amazing. The whole wedding is gorgeous, but I am totally in love with that dress.

  9. there are so many things to love about this post!

    the striped ties
    the bike
    the photo booth
    the wedding location
    and reception location

    so gorgeous and fun!

  10. These pictures are absolutely amazing. I love the bright & bold colors of the reception. And is that a jersey material dress the bride is wearing?

  11. i love the bike and the photobooth!! best one i've seen yet!

  12. LOVE THIS POST! Looks like an amazing day.
    We posted on our Facebook page! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Love the cake toppers! Love the Eames Lounger

  14. seriously in love with the ceramic birdies. sharon if you read this, i'd gladly pay jim's mom to make some for our october wedding (though that is soon!). email me if you think she'd be at all interested!

  15. Hi everyone! I made Sharon's wedding dress and I'm flattered by the comments about it. Of course, I can't take all the credit, Sharon and I collaborated to make her ultimate wedding dress from start to finish. Believe me, I know how hard it is to find a wedding dress that represents your individual style and makes you feel beautiful as well. All the dresses I make are custom according to the bride, so I don't have a shop, but please feel free to email at

  16. What a great wedding, the personal details, the vibrant colours, the gorgeous dress…just fabulous!

  17. Great, great wedding!
    The photobooth is phenomenal!
    Their ideas are money, god! It's amazing how they paid attention to little details that made their event such a big and happy time.

    Photos are delightful too.

  18. What a fun couple! That photo booth is off the hook!

  19. Love the photo booth idea! Totally to die for…

    Also check out: for cute CA ideas.

  20. Refreshing to see such originality

  21. we love the groomsmen suits! where did they come from?

  22. Ahh, the men's suits are from
    You do your own measurements via the user-friendly website, and they send you the custom suit.

  23. I love the men's suits and shoes. And the photo booth is a terrific idea.

  24. I am head over hills over the photo booth, would just love to have something like that at my wedding, just love!

  25. It makes me want to get married again – and I think after seeing this website even my husband could be persuaded……

  26. oh my gosh! i love the wedding! so pretty!!! i want to have this kind of wedding! especially the picture-taking moment ♥

  27. how oh how did you make that photoboth! it is absolutly amazing. please provide a tutorial or any details on how to recreate it.

  28. Do you have any idea how they made the photo booth? My fiancee and I are trying to recreate it and we're having "design differences".


  29. The photo booth is a riot! Seems like it would be a cinch to recreate…

  30. I love the invitations! Could you provide more details, I would love to do something similar for my wedding. What kind of local printer did you use, where did you get the handkerchiefs from etc. Any information would be much appreciated!!!!


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