Real Wedding: Hannah + Anthony’s Handmade Green Wedding

When I stumbled across this fun + quirky wedding from photographer Todd Pellowe, I knew it would be so perfect to share with you guys! Little did I know that the bride, Hannah recently moved to LA and planned her Kentucky wedding long distance – a challenge, but totally doable! Thanks Hannah for sharing some insight into your day!

From Hannah, “We really wanted the wedding to be us and finding just the right venue made that happen. We chose The Green Building, an eco friendly gallery with a partially enclosed courtyard. It was the perfect setting for our handmade wedding. I must also admit that I was inspired daily by GWS! I looked at so much wedding inspiration that I would dream of wedding goodies all night long! We wanted the wedding to be simple, crafty and have a vintage feel, but mostly we wanted it to be fun. Anthony has had a mustache for two years now and what’s more fun than a mustache?! So that became a theme early on, but I wanted it to be subtle and not overly done. To be honest my head was so cluttered with ideas that I really didn’t know how it would all make sense, but it did and it was truly us!”

oui necklace

What a GORGEOUS ceremony setting! Anthony made the wood wall from old fence wood from Hannah’s parent’s farm + Hannah’s mother made all the cranes – all 600 of them!! Totally love it!

bride with pretty white shoes

brooch bouquet

bride with glasses

bride with glasses groom with mustache

Most memorable moment of your wedding day? It’s hard to explain, but when I walked down the aisle with my dad it was so surreal. I’ve never felt so much love! Everyone on both sides of us was moving inward to see and it just felt like I was getting the biggest warmest hug! To see their smiling facing and everyone was glowing- I don’t know if it was because of the lighting or the fact that it had just rained before we came out, but it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen! I even blurted out, “It’s so beautiful!”

wedding ceremony with paper cranes

wedding details

My mom and I collected the vintage milk glass vases and the wood centerpieces were from a tree that had to be cut down on our farm.

billy buttons wedding reception

wedding photobooth

And how cute is that cake topper?!!! Hannah’s mom made it! She made little miniature clothes just weeks before the wedding and Anthony made the mustache and glasses by hand 3 days before the wedding! The morning of the wedding I made the miniature flag bunting as well as my sisters hairpiece and shoe clips!

wedding cake with bunting

wedding details

wedding sparkler exit

Any advice for those planning now? My only advice is to get a Magbooth! It was priceless to see our guests rolling out of the booth laughing so hard that they had tears in their eyes! Our guests got to take home quality photos from the night and we got a copy of each (in the form of a book) that I never would have had otherwise. The crew at Magnolia Photo Co. is so amazing to work with and I feel lucky to call them not only an amazing vendor but also friends. You never know who you will meet when planning a wedding! I feel so blessed to have worked with such awesome people!

We started planning the wedding while living in Indiana and in June we moved to LA, so half of the wedding was planned long distance. So much of what we included in the wedding was recycled, refurbished and reused and that is where the crafting and collecting began. My mom was a huge help… she did so much!! I had all these ideas and she made them all happen! It was unbelievable! I would send her pictures of random things that I liked and was inspired by and we would talk about colors and fabrics and somehow what she created was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! She made my bouquet out of vintage brooches, many of which belong to my Grandma- so it is very special to me! My mom made most all of the cranes- around 600, and then glued each one to dried grass. It was all a labor of love, but it was worth it!

Because my mom did so much for me I wanted to make her something special. Back when my mom was a bride-to-be she made the most amazing book for her mom that had a picture of them as well as a beautiful poem she wrote called A Daughter’s Prayer. I replicated the book and used Magbooth pictures taken of us back when we were planning the wedding. As you can see, it was a really special and emotional moment when she saw it!

bride with scrapbook

I had a ton of help from my family and friends. Our wedding would not have been what it was without them and our amazing vendors!

Venue: The Green Building, Louisville, KY; Stephanie Brothers, Event Coordinator
Wedding Dress: Watters
Hair and Makeup: Hair: Gunnar Deatherage, Makeup: Liz Harmon
Shoes: Martinez Valero & Madewell Oxfords
Bridesmaid Dress: Purely Alfred Angelo Eco-friendly Bridesmaid Collection
Bride’s Hairpiece: Handmade by my mom!
Groom Suit: Hugo Boss
Photography: Todd Pellowe Photography
Floral Design: In Bloom Again
Invitations/Paper Goods: Invites: Cheerupcherup (etsy), Save-the-date: Hound Dog Press, Louisville, KY
Cake: Elvin’s Pastries, Corydon, IN
Music: The Swells, Lexington, KY
Catering: 732 Social
Photobooth: Magnolia Photo Co.

Home is Wherever I’m With You print is from etsy seller spread the love

Congrats again to Hannah + Anthony!

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  1. Wow! I love everything about this one! The cranes, the beautiful wooden ceremony wall. The AWESOME cake topper…SOOO cute!! Oh, I can’t forget the bouquet! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! This is one of the most charming weddings I have seen in awhile, and I eat, dream, and breathe weddings! Congratulations Hannah and Anthony. I give your wedding 10 stars!!

  2. We have this dress at Lovely in NYC…it’s the Austin dress by Watters and I have to say it’s killer in person too!

  3. I just adore everything about this wedding. It’s Perfection!! Any way you can find out where the bride/groom got that print, “home is wherever I’m with you”?? LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing such a great wedding.

  4. Lovely! I especially enjoy the cake. It’s perfection. Where did the bride get her “oui” necklace? Would love to get one!

  5. This wedding made me cry. CRY. Every bit of it is so, so sweet. I just love every bit of it.

  6. This wedding is amazing!! I love Hannah’s description of walking down the ailse :) And of my goodness the cake toppers, too cute for words!!! I’m in awe….and the photos with her mum reading the book, what a lovely thing to do. I’m with Libby 10 stars from me too :)

  7. Hi – GREAT wedding! I’m curious where they got the Home is Wherever I Am With You poster?

  8. i agree with libby, 10 stars! i believe the print is from spreadthelove on etsy.

  9. This is awesome! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  10. Ahh … I having been looking at a few Watters gowns for my wedding … this one is so beautiful … sigh, swoon.

  11. Wow! Such sweet comments :) I was a tad nervous putting this all out there!

    Kim- my sister bought the necklace back in January from an etsy seller ArtWark. It’s such a great dainty little thing!

    The print is from etsy seller spreadthelove! The matted wood is really great :)

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE. you had me with the FIRST shot and i love their venue! completely badass and lovely.

  13. I am in love. This couple is adorable!


  14. Insanity! Creative people make my day :).

  15. We decided not to have a cinematographer, instead we had our photographer put together a slide show to the song Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- Anthony and I like to sing the song together (we make up our own silly lyrics for the bridge)! Hope you enjoy!

  16. I love the originality in this post. There is nothing we love more then to see a couples come up with there own ideas to make their wedding unique. FANTASTIC!!

  17. yay for glasses. and totally agree with you on that ceremony setting. but that book idea steals my heart.

  18. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful wedding! I absolutely love the venue and how much the bride and groom customized the decor, cake, favors. So much fun!

  19. hey hey, Peter here from team magbooth. We loved being part of the wedding and Hannah and Anthony are some photo booth super pros. Their wedding was creative and fun, but more importantly it reflected who they are and how special everyone is to them. My favorite part was Hannah’s dad’s laugh. I mean…. I just want to tell jokes and listen to him laugh all night.

  20. The bouquet is beautifullll! & i like the napkins too; they’re very cute :)

  21. I love her cute glasses? May I ask where you got the “Home” print?

  22. That ring is BEAUTIFUL. Do you mind sharing who made it? I”m in the market…;)

  23. Hi Emily! The ring was designed by our jeweler in Indianapolis, Reis Nichols. When I saw it I just knew it was so me :)

  24. These two win the most adorable couple award! I wore my glasses on my wedding day and love to see the ladies who keep it real and join me!

  25. the ceremony location…amazing, it just looked so beautiful.

  26. hi there, lovely wedding. where are the cake toppers from?

  27. I love the bouquet. I would also love to know where the cake toppers came from, they are super cute. Such a pretty wedding.

  28. Hannah, did you make you bouquet? I absolutely LOVE it!

  29. Jess + Jasmine – Hannah’s mom made the cake topper and Anthony (the groom) made the glasses and moustache – so cute, right? :)

  30. Thanks Sarina! My mom and I collected broaches from antique stores, goodwill, friends, and mostly we raided my Grandma’s collection! My mom put it all together- she’s amazing!

  31. this is nice! simple wedding…cute shoes btw…

  32. What a clever idea for a bouquet!

  33. I normally scan through a blog post. But this one I found myself reading word-for-word…and had to blink back tears a couple of times. More than the lovely, fun, and personal wedding styling, it was the sense of family and support that really made this wedding so beautiful. Talk about inspiring…and touching!

  34. Not only was this wedding super quirky and adorable – it was personal and special. You can totally get a sense of that by looking at the pictures.
    Love Hannah’s mom!
    Love the cake topper!
    Love all of the prints, quotes and the napkins.
    LOVE the altar.
    Amazing wedding…
    Congratulations, Hannah + Anthony!

  35. Love this! Who is the artist of the paintings behind the food table?

  36. Hi Allison! The artist is Kathleen Lolley. We really lucked out that her work was in the gallery during our wedding!

  37. This is such an awesome wedding! I’m featuring it on my Friday dance! So cute!

  38. WHERE did the bride get the book made for her mom?
    I am getting married and would love some advice and any details on the book idea.
    Can she please email me? Thanks so much!

  39. Hi Ashley!

    The book was so special to my mom because she made one for her mother back when she was a bride-to-be. I replicated her book the best I could- Hers is so amazing! I bought an old hardback book, spray painted it, then glued the pages down (must have patience and time for this)! I cut out any blank pages in the book (in the front and back there are usually a few). I used these blank pages to print my text and the poem on. That is easier said than done. Lining it up just right was so tricky but with a typewriter it would be easier! I added pictures of us taken when we were planning the wedding- they were Magbooth photos! I used some of my grandma’s vintage trim to hide where those pages were glued in. Here’s a link to more images of the book.

    Good luck and happy crafting!

  40. The cake topper is too cute!! The ceremony site was beautiful!

  41. The ceremony setting is amazing. Love the usage of sparklers too! So unique.

  42. It’s actually great to see a Louisville wedding on here! I always see amazing things on Wedding Gawker put hardly any of them are attainable because they’re so far away… it’s great to see inspiration here at home!

  43. Oh my goodness – that bouquet is the most fabulous wedding thing I’ve seen EVER! I LOVE it! The wedding napkins are too cute too!

  44. I really love those cake toppers, how cute and original.

  45. What a wonderful approach to planning a meaningful wedding…and starting a life together, too!The venue is so regal, it makes for an idyllic backdrop for a formal or more festive wedding.

  46. Congratulations Hannah and Anthony! I love so many of the weddings at Green Wedding Shoes but this is my absolute favorite. So stylish and clever, and just fantastic the way the wedding captures your distinct individuality. I loved that you did things your way :), I just had to mention you on my first post at my blog.


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