Pinterest: a perfect online place to store all your wedding ideas

Do you know about pinterest? If so, I’m guessing you are probably a bit obsessed, if not – be prepared to become obsessed! :) So what is pinterest? It’s a place to store all your online inspirations. Perfect for all your wedding ideas, right? All those jpgs you’ve been saving on your desktop or links you’ve had booked marked – all conveniently in one place now. So easy to share with your bridesmaids, your mom and your fiance!

green wedding shoes pinterest

Just install the simple browser plugin “pin it” on your browser and you are ready. So anytime you see something you want to remember, you just click the plug in and install it your page. You can also create boards to keep everything organized. So, not only can you store all your wedding ideas, but also ideas for your home, parties, fashion, DIY projects, babies and more. No more wondering where that photo came from or wondering where the DIY instructions are. Each photo links to the original source – that is one of my favorite things about it!

Did you know that Green Wedding Shoes is on pinterest?! Yep, you can follow me here to see all my latest fun finds. I share not only wedding ideas, but also some of my food finds, home design ideas, baby ideas and fashion. Here are some of my latest pins…

green wedding shoes pinterest weddings

and some of my pins for my flowers board – you can create as many “boards” as you want. Perfect for invitation ideas, wedding dresses, diy projects, bridesmaids dress – you could even share this board with your ladies to give them ideas what you are thinking! The ideas are endless…

green wedding shoes pinterest flowers

So that’s how I use pinterest, but I also wanted to ask some other current brides-to-be how they are using pinterest to help plan their wedding and here is what they had to say. :)

holly pinterest board wedding

Holly is fashion blogger – you might know her cute blog Holly Dolly and if not, check it out! :) and is currently planning her wedding.

What Holly had to say about pinterest, “My life forever changed when I discovered Pinterest (ok – a little dramatic, but totally true). I was always one of those people who saved a million and a half photos to my desktop and in a bunch of unorganized folders. It really didn’t make any sense. I didn’t even know what I had in there, or where any of it came from. That is why I love Pinterest. I pin a lot of different things. But mostly It has been a life saver when it comes to my wedding planning. I have separate boards for everything from general inspiration, to gowns I like, to item ideas for our registry, etc. The best part? It automatically links back to where you originally found the image. Its quickly become one of the best resources in my wedding planning. It keeps me organized (and sane).

Thanks Holly for sharing why you love pinterest! Love that you have a board for your groom, wedding gowns, accessories and bridesmaids. You can see her collections here on pinterest

maia on pinterest

Maia is also currently planning her wedding in Wisconsin. She writes a fun design blog called Conundrum and she sent over her top 5 reasons she loves using pinterest which I thought was super helpful.

1. It helps hone the theme and look your hoping to achieve on your big day.
When I first started pinning ideas for my wedding I thought I had a pretty clear idea of what I liked and wanted for the overall look, but after a couple weeks of pinning I was browsing my wedding board and realized, wow, I had no idea I liked pink so much! Its realizations like this that have really made me appreciate Pinterest more and more. Because you might think you have a pretty clear idea in your head but as any designer will tell you it’s not until you start seeing actual visual feedback can that idea evolve and take shape.

2. It’s a much more convenient form of bookmarking.
One of my favorite features of Pinterest is that every image links to the original source. So when I’m looking at wedding dresses on one site or floral arrangements on another I can just pin that image and then go back later if I want to revisit that item or site.

3. Following other wedding boards
I guess this one is kind’ve a no brainer but I love that many of my favorite wedding bloggers have their own Pinterest accounts, so it can be a quick and easy way to look at what they like or have been blogging about lately. A good place to start to find some of the best boards is to visit the tastemakers section of Pinterest. This can go both ways of course, with family and friends often strewn across the country or world it is a good way to keep them all updated on what your loving for your wedding day. Just have them follow your wedding board and they can check it whenever they like.

4. Get organized
While I only have one wedding board, I follow other people who have broken up their inspirations into every possible category; invitations, the dress, setting, flower inspiration etc. This way you can really compartmentalize all the things your finding and quickly access them again when you need to.

5. Mobility!
Ok so to be honest I have not used this capability much yet, but I love that Pinterest now has an app. Just imagine the possibilities! You can take a picture of anything you find while out and about and post it to your wedding board. I think this will be especially helpful when testing out hairstyles or looking at flower arrangements at your local shop. I agree Maia, I think this could be SUPER USEFUL for brides! – Jen

Thanks so much Maia! Those are so helpful and really great reasons why I think pinterest is great for brides planning their wedding.

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Ready to starting PINNING? :) Typically you do have to request an invite, but the pinterest team has partnered up with Green Wedding Shoes to give out as many invites to use pinterest as our readers want – YAY! So click here to sign up and start “pinning” all your wedding inspirations in one place!
**note-you will see a screen with a button that says Request An Invite. Click that button and enter your email. You will then receive an email with your login. Then start pinning! :)**

And if you are looking for some great people to follow, I recommend following some of your favorite bloggers – I’m sure they are probably on pinterest! Some of my favorites that I follow and highly recommend include:

Green Wedding Shoes
Joy from Oh Joy
Bri from DesignLoveFest
Kathryn from Snippet and Ink
Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion
Wiley Valentine
photographer Ashley Rose
photographer Bonnie Tsang

Happy Pinning!! :)

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  1. it’s the only way i can collect and categorize my wedding inspirations!

  2. I have been BEGGING my engaged best friend to join Pinterest for months! Maybe now that it has been featured on one of her favorite wedding blogs, she will take the plunge :)

  3. I completely agree ~ I found wedding planning really hard previously – trying to communicate the ideas I was seeing and coming up with was so difficult, as I really wanted people (particularly my fiance) to visualise my ideas and give feedback. He now even has his own pinboard on my account “For the Groom” full of his ideas!

  4. LOVEEEEE pinterest! So excited you posted about them!! Not only has it been awesome for my wedding planning since all my bridesmaids are in different states, I love using it for my recipes! :) Yay pinterest! Thanks for the recommended people to follow also – I follow some of them, but checking out the new ones to me :)

  5. Pinterest is amazing…and addictive. Be prepared to spend hours gazing at lovely things…

  6. I tried clicking on the link for a pinterest invite and it didn’t work… am I doing something wrong? I requested an invite through the site anyway.

  7. I just joined pinterest and LOVE it! I have a feeling I’ll be building boards all night.

  8. I’m also planning a wedding and I’ve found Pinterest to be helpful. It has also been really awesome in helping me organize my thoughts and ideas for blog content! I also wrote a little blog post about it and my boards:

    I can’t wait to start following GWS!

  9. I’m so obsessed! I’m planning a wedding and this is beyond helpful…. and addicting. I’ll follow you immediately.

  10. Yes! Pinterest is seriously, no exaggeration, life-changing. And the app is totally awesome too. Excited to check your boards out!

  11. I’m obsessed with it, can’t get enough. It’s perfect for categorizing all the gorgeous wedding inspiration out there!

    I just have one complaint, it used to pin right to a specific blog post/item/etc. It doesn’t seem to be doing that anymore, unless I’m missing something!

  12. The link does not seem to give me instant access. It only puts me on a waiting list.

  13. JP – check your email. You will get an email with access within 30 minutes. :)

  14. I just requested the invite. I so wished I had known about this 8 months ago, I ended up printing and cutting my images into a scrap book. I will defiantly get good use out of this, thanks for the post!

  15. Oh I cannot wait to try this! Waiting for my access…wedding planning was fun before but this is going to make it even better!

  16. Thanks! I got my invitation to join and am now following GWS.

  17. Pinterest is amazing!! Thats all I can think of to say because it pretty much sums it up :)

  18. I love Pinterest. I agree, it is great in so many ways!

  19. I love Green Wedding Shoes. I’m a big “pinner” of your posts, and I’ve been married for 13 years.

    I did a tutorial on SITS Girls on how it works if anyone is trying to figure it out.

  20. I do use pinterest but don’t do it as often as I’d like! this is a great idea and definitely will be pinning more wedding stuff. <3

  21. Just waiting for my invite!

  22. I have been on Pinterest for a few months now. I LOVE IT! As a wanna-be wedding planner, it is very helpful to actually plan weddings! I have been asked to plan a few weddings, and my RA has started a board on Pinterest of things she likes and asked me to look at it and go from there. I also get a lot of great ideas from Pinterest! I love to find cheap ways to do wedding decorations, and Pinterest sure does help with that!


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