Bohemian Black Tie Wedding: Heather + Tibaut – Part 1

bride and groom

We’re guessing the title of today’s post caught your eye. Bohemian black tie?! Yep, you read that right. And we promise it’s just as amazing as it sounds. In fact, this beautiful celebration also graces the pages of the Spring issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, so you may recognize it from there! And we couldn’t squeeze all of the goodness into one post, so be sure to come back in a little while to see the 2nd half of this epicly beautiful celebration!

Heather + Tibaut are creative, music-loving Brooklynites who tied the knot at Heather’s family ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas – just outside of Austin. Together, with the help of The Nouveau Romantics, they created a day that was steeped in Texas tradition + perfectly reflected their personal love story. And while the term ‘black tie’ was more theoretical than literal, there was definitely a sense of timeless romance to Heather + Tibaut’s wedding that proves you can, in fact, host the most elegant of celebrations, even in a rustic setting.

Big thanks to The Nichols for sharing their stunning captures of H + T’s beautiful day with us and, of course, best wishes to the happy newlyweds!

succulent boutonniere

pink and purple bouquet

romantic hair flowers

stars in the sky invitation

wedding tents

wedding tents


two piece dress

romantic Texas bride

Can you believe Heather made this gorge dress herself?! We almost can’t! If you’re not quite as crafty (we hear ya!) but are loving this look, check out BHLDN’s Dakota Gown, which would look beautiful paired with their Chantilly Capelet.

bride and groom

bride and groom

bride and groom

blue suit

bride and groom by the river

striped tie

Such sweet florals! The Nouveau Romantics crafted those beauties – and all of the stationery – too!

bridal flower hair piece

bride and groom

flower arch ceremony


wooden seating



Heather walked down an aisle lined with wildflowers, arriving to a free-form, handmade ceremony arch created by 1500 stems of blooming cherry + pear branches. We’re not sure it gets prettier than this!

flower arch


giant flower arch




cream bridesmaids

bridesmaids bouquet

This is a bridal party of epic proportions! Sometimes it’s just more fun to invite everyone – especially when you’re hosting a big wedding at home!



bride and groom

bride and groom

The prettiest, right?! You definitely won’t want to miss Part 2, so check back in just a bit to see Heather + Tibaut’s gorgeous reception!

photographer: The Nichols // planning + event design: The Nouveau Romantics // venue: family ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas // videography: Shark Pig // catering + sunday brunch: Kurant Events // bride + groom’s cakes: Coco Paloma // sunday tent city breakfast: Pueblo Viejo Taco Truck // stationery + florals: The Nouveau Romantics // calligraphy: Magpie Paperworks // vintage rentals: Loot Vintage Rentals // rentals: Marquee RentsPremiere Party CentralWhim Event Rentals // ceremony + dinner band: Bluegrass band // reception band: The Motts // sound: Big House Sound // hair: Shannon Briggs-Hack & Ashley Van Dusen from Janet St. Paul Salon // lighting: Illios Lighting // rentals delivery + set up: Event Rescue Services // tents: Sperry Tents // photo booth: Smilebooth // wedding party glamping tents: Shelter Co. // fireworks: Illumination Fireworks // transportation: Transportation Consultants // washrooms: Texas Loo

This wedding features rad artists fromThe GWS Wedding Artist GalleryShark Pig is a Featured Artist in the GWS Artist Guide! Find more rad artists for your day in our Gallery

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Use Squarespace To Create A Stunning Wedding Website With Ease


It’s just no fun to try to navigate around a poorly designed + confusing wedding website. With so much info being online these days, one of the most important planning elements of your wedding will be creating an inviting virtual space where all of the important details of your day can live. And since your wedding styling + design is super important to you, wouldn’t it be great if you could easily design a wedding website that matches the aesthetic of your day? We’re happy to tell you that with Squarespace, you can!

We thought it would be fun to interview 4 real couples who are currently using Squarespace for their wedding website to get some exclusive insight for you guys! First up are Darrell + Shauna :)


GWS: What is your favorite Squarespace feature or service?

It’s so easy to drag text and images around.  Customer service is really fast and helpful too.

GWS: How did your wedding site most benefit your wedding guests?

Wedding guests are able to RSVP online – so much better than mailing back their RSVP.  They can also pick their meals and find out all the details about the day.

GWS: After building and launching your wedding site, what’s your advice to new couples that will be using Squarespace to build their wedding sites?

Send it out to a couple friends for testing.  Make sure all the forms and pages are working properly before giving the link out to everyone.  Use lots of big, pretty photos, and keep the information minimal.


Next, we talked to the Burazin’s!:

GWS: What is your favorite Squarespace feature or service?

I think as an overall, my favorite aspect of Squarespace was how easy it was to fine tune a LOT of details to make everything tie together – especially since I had already designed a Save-the-Date that had a very particular look/feel.  At the time I was designing THAT, I had a website in the back of my mind, but I didn’t think through my design with foresite of how I was going to tie the theme into a site.

GWS: What did you use for design inspiration as you created your wedding site?

We’d had a free engagement session through our photographer, and we had taken some great photos in some of the grungier/more historic-looking places around Milwaukee.  I had designed a Save-the-Date that included some old letterpress-esque type and a custom logo that I had designed in place of the typical monogram. I knew I wanted that handcrafted vibe to carry through to the website. There was one photo in particular that had awesome negative space filled with a great hand-painted background that felt like an awesome wallpaper.  Having my Save-the-Date already designed, I wanted everything to align. I was worried that would be more difficult, but I was able to find colors and web fonts within Squarespace that worked perfectly for a very consistent look and feel.


Here’s what Alissa + Brian had to say about using a Squarespace website:

GWS: How did you learn about Squarespace?

I was already using Squarespace for my blog and portfolio + was loving it, so it was only natural to create our wedding website through Squarespace. Originally I think I had heard of it through a co-worker who was using it for her blog/portfolio.

GWS: What made you decide to use Squarespace for your wedding site?

Squarespace has a definite affinity towards design, which we loved. It is something we could both use and edit collaboratively and we were able to get our site up quickly, just in time for our save the dates to hit mailboxes.


Last, but not least, Stacia + Ellis explain their website with us:

GWS: What made you decide to use Squarespace for your wedding site? 

We’re not cookie-cutter people, so we wanted to avoid the cookie-cutter wedding sites. We wanted a unique platform to tell our story in a clear, visually powerful way.

GWS: Did you receive any other feedback from your friends/family on your wedding site?

We were surprised by the amount of positive feedback. People liked the site so much that many people (even people people who weren’t invited) asked how they could make one.

GWS: Please describe your level of geekiness, or technical ability?

We’re not technically gifted, but we were passionate about telling our story. Enthusiasm is far more important than technical know-how.

So if you’re a newly engaged couple + ready to start building your wedding website, or a wedding vendor looking to drum up business, be sure to check out Squarespace to create a stunning website with ease! And use code “GWS14″ to receive 10% off a subscription!

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DIY Macrame Hanging


We are excited to share this DIY for a macrame hanging from Michelle Edgemont! If you loved our Colorful Parker Palm Springs Wedding with macrame details earlier – here’s your chance to make some fun macrame details for your own wedding or just a fun piece to hang on your walls! This hanging makes a perfect backdrop piece, or even pretty chair decor, which we’ll share style at the end of the post. Here’s how to make one…


What You’ll Need:
Twine – 200 feet per chair
Heavy Rope – 20” per chair
• Scissors
• Two removable wall hooks
• Paint Brush
Textile Paint


Step 1: Stick your hooks 15” apart on a wall. Tie the heavy rope to the hooks. This will make it easier to knot the twine.


Step 2: Cut 35 strands of 70” long twine. Fold one in half and loop it around the rope as shown.

Step 3: Loop all 35 strands around the rope.


Step 4: Separate the twine into groups of ten individual strands.

Step 5: You’re going to be working with each group of ten strands at a time. In your first group, start with the strand on the furthest right. Knot it onto the strand to the left.

Step 6: Keep working with the same strand and knot it across the next piece of twine.


Step 7: Work right to left knotting on four strands. Stop in the middle.

Step 8: Pick up the strand on the furthest left and knot it onto the strand to it’s right.

Step 9: Work left to right using the same strand to make a knot onto four pieces of twine. When you read the middle, make two knots onto the strand you were using to knot from the right.


Step 10: Repeat this same knotting technique for four rows of knots.


Step 11: Do the same on all the other groups of ten strands of twine all the way across the rope.


Step 12: Starting on the left, separate the first two sections down the middle. Tape the strands you won’t be working with to the side.

Step 13: Using the same technique as steps 6 – 12, start with the strand furthest on the right and knot your first row of knots. These knots should be pretty loose. [update to this step for those that found it a bit confusing — See on step 12 where there are 10 strands hanging down? Treat those 10 strands the same exact way as the strands in steps 5-10.  Make the knots a little loose at first. The photo on step 13 is showing what it should look like after the first row of knots is done. Hope this helps! ]

Step 14: Repeat steps 6-12 until you’ve knotted four rows.


Step 15: Repeat across the rope by separating each original group of ten strands in half and knotting together.


Step 16: Tape the rope to a flat surface. Use painters tape to take the twine down about 10” from the top.


Step 17: Mix some of the paint with water and paint the bottom half of the twine.


Step 18: Tie the rope to a chair and trim off all of the extra twine creating a triangle shape.


And below is how we think you could style one for your mr. + mrs. chair…




So pretty + whimsical! And remember, if you make one of our DIY projects, we’d love to see how it turned out so be sure to share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY.

DIY created by Michelle Edgemont exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes. Looking for creative event styling, handmade details or flowers for your wedding? Check out Brooklyn based Michelle Edgemont for your wedding day!

Big thanks also to Patina Rental for the chairs, table + studio for the final styled shots

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