iPhone Proposal in a Movie Theater

Here’s a pretty unique proposal…Chad proposed to his girlfriend Vy in a movie theater with a fake iPhone commercial he created! She said she always wanted him to write her a song! What do you think?

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  1. wow…now that was a creative proposal. how fun!

  2. I always get teary eyed when I see, “Will you marry me”. Such beautiful words!
    I loved the pic of the ring at the end.
    I was also impressed by the tetris words he spelled out! Really wonderful!

  3. Awww! I get so teary too! That is really sweet!!

  4. Awesome! can you imaging how much thought and time he put into that? so sweet! she’s a lucky girl

    … and they are from minnesota, which is even better!

    xx Kirby

  5. That was awesome! How creative is he??! Catchy song too. I’m impressed!

  6. That is so, so sweet! The groom put a ton of thought and work into that – WOW! Congrats to the couple!

  7. oh my. that was a-freakin-dorable.

  8. wow! That was awesome! So stinkin’ cute!

  9. Wow, that’s a hard one to top!!! So much effort and thought put into it.

  10. I sat here and cried through the whole video. She is one lucky girl.

  11. That was amazing, lucky girl , very cute couple

  12. That is impressive!! The most original proposal I have EVER seen or heard of – how could you say no to that!?

  13. My boyfriend and I both think it’s freakin’ AMAZING! Truly special and lovely planned out.

  14. So awesome! Congratulations to them!!

  15. Holy crap!! That was incredible! I can only imagine her feelings when she realized it wasnt an actual commercial, but it was for HER!! That was great…soooo unique!

  16. That was amazing! Thanks for making me cry at work. I wonder how long that took him??

  17. Okay, so this made me cry! How sweet!

  18. That was incredible! Wow. Way to set the bar insanely high, dude!

  19. That was amazing!!! He’s a keeper!


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