Inspiration Board #44: The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

I know a lot of you fell in love with Lisbeth Salander through the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and then again on the big screen. While it might not be your first thought for wedding inspiration, I think there is lots to be found! The movie took place in wintery, cold Sweden, so to me it was the perfect backdrop for a winter wedding. Lots of muted blues, white and browns throughout the movie which make for a perfect wintery palette. A groom with a scarf and a bride in a leather motocylce jacket with a motorcycle exit – how perfect, right? Looking at old photos was a big part of the movie and what better way to display polaroid’s + old photos than a display for your guests. Pressed flowers for decor and your guests could leave a pushpin from where they traveled from (Lisbeth did this in her research). I also love the movie poster for the film and silhouettes could be such a fun detail to add to your invites or other paper goods. What do you guys think?

girl with the dragon tattoo wedding ideas

photo credits going clockwise: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie poster, motorcycles from the movie set, dress photo by Vanessa Jackman, movie still, movie still, Vogue, polaroid display via Talia Christine, movie still, bouquet via Johnathan Canlas, groom with scarf, guestbook map with pushpins, pressed flower from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I’m also loving all your ideas for future movie boards! If you’d like to request a movie you’d love to see my take on turning it into a wedding, leave a comment on this post and I’ll pick my favorite (or maybe a few!) this Friday to translate into a board next month. :)

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  1. Never would have thought of wedding inspiration along with the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. So unique and unusual but so, so gorgeous…

  2. This was cool. But it would be AWESOME to see a Titanic-inspired wedding!!

  3. I agree – really cool. I would love to see a ‘Hugo’ inspiration board. Or perhaps something like ‘Beetlejuice’

  4. I think is quite genius! I love these movie-inspiration boards you make. It really inspires me (a budding wedding designer/planner) to see inspiration in everything! Thank you :)

  5. Beauty and the Beast would be amazing!

  6. I always love your movie boards! This one is equally fabulous, and is not one of the movies I would have thought of as wedding inspiration. Thanks for opening my eyes to the inspiration!

  7. As much as I love the images on this inspiration board, I don’t think the movie is entirely appropriate for wedding inspiration, given the prolific amount of rape in the book and film.

  8. Love this. I think a Wes Anderson inspiration would be cool. Something like the Royal Tenenbaums very muted tones and a 70s feel or even The Fantastic Mr. Fox! Sunny yellows and browns and feathers….

  9. I love the Titanic idea someone mentioned earlier! Or maybe Ever After? Or Shakespeare in Love?

    I also love the Wes Anderson inspiration idea! The Fantastic Mr. Fox could translate to a pretty cool wedding feel.

  10. These are great inspirations. I love this.

  11. Hey Alexandria, I think this board is supposed to show that wedding inspiration can come from anywhere – even places you wouldn’t expect. Of course if you read the books you know it’s a bit violent, but the movie with the colors of blues and browns is pretty gorgeous for a winter wedding – and a punk bride – love that idea! This is why I love this site – not the normal and traditional found here! thanks GWS for being so awesome!!!

  12. Love the photo of the gown with the jacket – totally my style! I would love to see a board for Big Fish! One of my most favorite movies – or any Tim Burton film :)

  13. Thanks so much you guys! And Karrie, wanted to let you know I did a board for Big Fish! :) You can see it here:

  14. Such an amazing inspiration board!
    I would love to see the quintessential
    romantic board inspired by Ever After, or go the complete other way and see a board inspired by Edward Scissorhands (still a very romantic movie)!

  15. I love the inspiration! I love making inspiration boards from something unusual such as a movie!!! Now I want to watch this movie!

  16. I think a Great Expectations Wedding Theme would be stunning!

  17. People like you who come up with these great ideas amazing me! You have the best blog.

  18. I the the Fantistic Mr. Fox idea is awesome!! I would love to see what you could pull together with that creative little head of yours.


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