Hair Tutorial: Loose Halo Braid


Today’s hair tutorial is a super dreamy halo braid from Amanda Gros and shot by Austin Gros. We love the loose braid effect + swooped around to create a crown of hair is super fun idea for your wedding day!


1. Part hair down the center back to make two sections.

2. Starting on whichever side you would like, grab a one inch vertical section of hair and divide it into three sections with your fingers – this will be the start of your braid.

3. Start braiding your hair in a Dutch Braid to create the illusion that you draped a braid over your hair. Only braid the first section – do not bring pieces of hair from the second section.

Tip: if you want hair strands out of the braid for a more natural look, this is the time when you would simply just leave them out of the braiding process.

4. When you have completed braiding the first section of hair continue onto the second section of hair until you run into the start of the first section braid. If you have any extra hair left simply braid the rest until you get to the end of the strand.


5. Secure the end of the extra braid with a clear elastic and drape right above the braid and pin to secure. Once everything is secured, tug at the crown of your hair and at the braid to achieve a more natural loose updo.




Super gorgeous right? And we love that it was paired with a dreamy Crista Hooven gown! Thanks to Austin Gros for the photos, and Amanda Gros for the tutorial + makeup!

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  1. So fun! Can’t wait to try this ;)

  2. Anyone know where I can find that dress? Thanks!

  3. The link for Crista doesn’t work :( If anyone knows where we can find her designs pls share :)

  4. succha lovely hairdo..
    If there is a video of this it will be more helpful

  5. A floral crown with this hairstyle will be awesome for a bride


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