Found! Green Satin Shoes (and lots more colors)

I get lots of emails asking about my green shoes in the pic on the right side. (For those who want to know, they are BP brand, bought in spring 2008, and unfortunately are not sold anymore.) But – I think I’ve found an option for those of you looking for green satin shoes. I recently discovered that Nina Shoes now allows you to customize your shoe! At this time they have 3 styles with different heel heights to pick for each style – and then you can select from over 20 different satin colors. The best part? For those of you looking for an apple green satin shoe – they have one! Check it out below. The custom shoes cost around $199 and they have free shipping. I love that you can select a different color for the bow, heel, and upper color. You can also order a swatch book so you can find an exact match.

nina shoes

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  1. oh how lovely! I'm looking for shoes in Australia that are just that little bit different and not "weddingy", but custom shoes are just so expensive! Are Nina shoes comfortable? It's so risky buying shoes without being able to try them on.

  2. Those are my shoes top right! They're actually a perfect shade of chartreuse and were only $30 when I bought them. I'm not sure if they still have that exact colour but they are VERY cute and comfortable. I love them!

  3. Ooh I LOVE the navy & bluch pink one. Very different and just gorgeous!

  4. Melly- Yes, one thing about the custom shoes is they are non returnable since they are custom made for you. I would suggest buying another shoe in a similar style that is non custom and trying it. They have free returns for 90 days (on regular shoes), so you could make sure they are comfortable before you design your own shoe. I've heard great things about the comfort of these shoes, but I personally don't own any so I can't confirm or deny. Good luck!

  5. oh! thank you thank you thank you! i've been looking forever for the perfect lemon shoe for my wedding. i think this is it!!!! *hug*

  6. Oh wow, my fiance would flip if I paid that much for a shoe…but that top row is the style I love but couldn't do the 4" heel height.

  7. Those green shoes are beeeeeeautiful!!!!!

  8. I have the top row shoes in red and totally love them. If you have Ross nearby, they have some Nina shoes for less than $20. I just bought a pair (not customized, of course) for $8.99!

  9. I am in love with the green, I wanna go back and married in them again!

  10. Love these shoes! How often have you seen a shoe that you liked, but knew you'd LOVE it if only…

  11. I like the blue and pink ones. Super cute!

  12. My dress is ivory. But I had my heart set on green shoes. Is it going to look tacky to not have ivory shoes?

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding this! I have searched high and low for apple green shoes. I was beginning to think they didn't exist. =)

  14. Thank you SO much for this post…I can now buy the green shoes of my dreams.


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