Facebook Proposes to Google

This is just too amazing not to share! Dave Morin (Senior Platform Manager at Facebook) and Brittany Bohnet (Product Marketing Manager at Google) were on a 2 week vacation around the world, when Dave surprised Brittany with this amazing proposal message from the sea plane –

And it is spelled out in coconuts! Love it. I also love that they captured the whole event – and even took some photos playing around once they landed on ground. Maldives looks amazing – totally on my list of places I must visit! Congrats to the two of you – and congrats to all of you who got engaged over the holidays! I love hearing proposal stories, so please share yours if you recently got engaged.

{via @brit’s twitter account, photos from Dave Morin’s flickr }

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  1. I love the fact that it was spelled out in coconuts! I agree – the Maldives are a must visit location.

  2. oh my gosh, that is so awesome!! Love the picture of her jumping over the message, priceless!

    I got engaged in November! I was sent to Amsterdam for work very last minute so we had to cancel our two year anniversary bed and breakfast getaway. He was actually planning on proposing that weekend, so instead he flew out to Amsterdam (from Portland, OR!) and completely surprised me and proposed! He said he decided he would fly out and surprise me about two minutes after I told him I had to cancel our anniversary plans. Sweetest thing anyone has (or probably ever will) done for me :)

  3. Excellent advance planning – that must have taken some masterful coordination. I love it!

  4. that is adorable! just love it.

  5. Liz- That is the sweetest story! Thanks so much for sharing and congrats to you guys!

  6. This is outrageously adorable!

  7. I'm ashamed to say this is my first comment, LOVE the blog, really inspirational. :)

    This is very sweet proposal and a lot of effort.

    I got engaged on Christmas Eve in the French Alps. He had researched where the best views were and we visited the Glacier the day before so he could check it out (I was oblivious, more interested in Snowboarding!) Then when the day came, we were snowed off the mountain. I also chose that day to explain that I understood that we just weren't the type of couple to get married (we celebrate our 9 year anniversary in Feb!) and how I was o.k. with that when he pulled out the ring and asked me! I cried for 30 mins before responding! Very sweet and unexpected! :D

  8. okay that is so crazy and so sweet. i saw the tumblr link earlier to the name in the sand but i'm glad you posted the whole story, tre cute.

  9. Cool story! Liz and KtShortcake… I love your stories! The French Alps, Amsterdam… sounds SO exotic to a CA girl!! Congrats to you both!!

  10. This is amazing!! I want to film their wedding!! How incredible is this engagement?!!

  11. Aww – I love hearing about surprise proposals, they're the best sort in my opinion. There's just not as much romance associated with "let's go ring shopping so I can propose to you next month'. Then again, maybe I'm biased because my gorgeous fiance totally surprised me when he proposed!

  12. How sweet! The coconuts on the beach are pretty special–congrats to the happy couple!

    I am also sporting a new engagement ring… My then-boyfriend had planned all year long for us to go visit friends in NYC. I'd never been to the Big Apple, and we were both excited for our trip. He was really working the counter-intelligence, throwing me off the proposal trail every chance he got.

    But after a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant that was all decked out in Christmas lights for the season, we went for a walk in Central Park. There, underneath trees laden with lanterns and twinkling holiday lights, I watched in joyful disbelief as my boyfriend got down on one knee to propose.

    I didn't hesitate to say yes, and as we stood up a jogger running by yelled out his congratulations. To make everything more perfect, as we walked through the park on our way to Rockefeller Center (to see the famed tree and start calling our family), it started to snow!

    It couldn't have been more perfect–the proposal or my fiance!

  13. KtShortcake and amber – your stories are both so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing with us :)

  14. "How sweet it is to be loved by you!" The lines of a lovesong clearly depicts the romance of the beautiful couple, engaged to be married! OMG, this is such a romantic proposal!sigh…I wish I can have a fairytale romance like this someday…lol!!!Congratulations to both of you!

  15. Definitely the most romantic and outrageous engagement i have ever seen…thanks for sharing it!

  16. Adorable! The time it must have took for him to plan all of that out in advance is impressive. And those coconuts are laid out so perfectly! I love this (even though it makes me want to walk out of my office and fly somewhere warm)

  17. Awwww…this is the sweetest!

  18. Thats such a cool story. What a memory.

  19. So much work! So much planning! How awesome! *Swoon*

    I have a quasi-engagement story. We originally discussed it in bed, rather matter of factly. It was lovely, but I was sleepy and honestly don't remember much of the convo.
    A month or so later, we were visiting the Scottish Highlands and were taking an evening stroll next to the shore of Loch Ness. We stopped in some trees, and had an impromptu 'wedding' ceremony. We swore vows to each other and decided on an official wedding date. This was quickly followed by loud splashes of approval from the loch. We both nearly jumped a mile and *something* out there made blow-hole type sounds. Let's just say I'm now a believer in the Loch Ness Monster. :-D

    We finally got rings the next day.

  20. in coconuts?? oh, I hope we get more photos from this story!

  21. Wow! That is an amazing story! Love the pictures too.

  22. Wow coconuts! Thats is amazing! Congrats!

  23. Love the proposal idea. This is great.


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