Cute as a Billy Button

Billy Buttons (aka Craspedia or Billy Balls) are related to the daisy and are pretty much my newest obsession! They are modern + bright + graphic all at the same time. They are also hardy and long-lasting (perfect if you plan on doing your centerpieces yourself ahead of time). I love how they can be used alone with a simple white vase for a totally modern look or mixed with other flowers to create a unique bouquet.

billy button bouquets
{photos from the knot, claire bean, our labor of love, atelier floral design, erin hearts court photo – florals by la partie events }

billy button bouquets
{photos by Jill Thomas}

They work great as bouts – and your groom will love them since they aren’t “too girly.”

billy button bouquets
{florals by dellables, la partie events, blue bouquet, janie medley vis the brides cafe }

billy button cake topper
{florals by the treasure petal}

billy button centerpieces
{photo by millie holloman, florals by la partie events, housemartin}

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  1. I love your blog! You always have terrific posts that are both beautiful and very informative.

  2. We are totally using crespedia in our bouquets and bouts! It seems like after I chose them, I'm seeing them everywhere now. I had NO idea that they were also called Billy Buttons though :)

  3. I love them a lot too. Love all the pictures that you posted as well.

  4. oh, I love billy buttons. What a great collection of images!

  5. billy buttons? is that what they are called? what a cute name! I love these too! so bright & cheery & definitely fitting for a unique modern look!

  6. We just did a baby shower using a ton of these! We did all the arrangements the night before and they looked absolutely perfect the next day and throughout the entire event!

  7. Oh wow, I love the bouquet surrounded completely by daisies, so pretty!

  8. I've never seen such beautiful yellow flowers! Thanks!

  9. Simply Stunning! :D I adore it

    SimplyBloom Photography, LLC

  10. Two questions does anyone know of a realible online seller of billy buttons to buy a bunch to do your own centerpieces. And how long do they last? Do they need water or are the more a twig stem?

  11. These were used at our wedding – in cornflower blue! – and I had no idea what they were until now… thank you! At least I'm assuming they're the same things… they look exactly like our flowers, only in yellow.

    One thing in particular that I loved about them – besides the fun organic shapes – was that they lasted much longer than the other flowers. We had arrangements scattered all over our honeymoon house for the week after the wedding, and these were by far the hardiest.

  12. I was just at an event that used these. So fun!

  13. I love, love Billy Buttons! I wish more weddings incorporated them somehow…

  14. Hi there – I was trying to find a bubbly flower to include in my bridesmaids bouquets and I think these are perfect!
    I'm a new follower to your blog – I stumbled upon it when I did a Google search for green shoes :) I would love to find a pair of green shoes that look like the ones from your about me picture…any ideas?

  15. I love these! I hope the ones in my cactus jar last for awhile! :)

  16. I am obsessed with these right now!!!

  17. I love these too and didn't know what they were called until recently. I just used them for a baby shower featured on our blog at

  18. These are just superb. So Australian looking too. I just adore using them with eucalyptus leaves – they're much hardier than wattle, but give the same effect. What a divine post.


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