Bows ‘N Ties + a Giveaway for your Groomsmen!

I’ve gotten quite a few emails lately from readers asking where they can find ties for their groom + groomsmen, well today I wanted to introduce you lovelies to Bows ‘N Ties. Bows ‘N Ties has one of the largest selections I’ve seen online for ties. They also have them sorted by color palettes so you can easily find what you are looking for. It’s especially great if you are looking for different ties for your guys but in the same color palette (we love that look by the way!). To help show off some of the great variety they offer, we collected a few of our faves in three color palettes.

peach ties wedding

Bows ‘N Ties has a super flexible return policy with no restocking fees, so you can order as many ties as you like and then return any tie that you don’t end up choosing for the wedding – love that!

blue ties wedding

Another reason to love them? Not only do they have hundreds of colors to choose from, but they ordered fabric swatches from the largest retailers for bridesmaids dresses, including J.Crew, Alfred Angelo and David’s Bridal. They then took each swatch and compared it to hundreds of similar colored neckties before making a recommendation on which ties best coordinate with each shade. They’ve already done the hard work for you, so the toughest thing for you will be picking amongst all of their adorable options! Check out their special section for Wedding Ties that will make it easier than ever to find your coordinating colors.

green ties wedding

Pretty great, right? Well, even better Bows ‘N Ties is giving away ties for your entire wedding party – this includes the groom, groomsmen, father of the bride, ring bearer, etc. up to $500! If you would like to enter the contest, just leave a comment on this post telling us which tie (or ties) you like best. Are your groomsmen all wearing the same tie or would you pick different ones in the same color family. Would love to know!

One entry per reader and the contest will end on Tuesday April 24th at 1pm PST when I’ll pick a random winner.

The contest is now over and the lucky winner is Jackie who wrote “oh goodness, winning this would be such a blessing. We’re buying all our guys’ ties, but I wanna do them all different colors, different shades. So this website is so helpful! Thanks for the opportunity to win :)” Congrats to Jackie and thanks to all who entered!!


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  1. My fiance showed me the page and I was convinced, like always, that I was going to clearly favor blue. However the green ties here are great! Nice and subtle and a fresh feeling as spring gathers.

  2. I love the bottom right corner blue tie! Our wedding is using a variety of blues, and this tie looks like a perfect tie for a wide color pallet. These are all fantastic!

  3. i LOVE all of the ties in the green collection! we are going for everyone having a tie in the same color scheme but they can have whatever pattern(or lask their of) they want

  4. I love the purple ties! My fiancé and his guys are wearing gray suits with purple ties.. I am looking for a paisley tie for him and solid purple ties for his guys

  5. I like the green and white striped tie. My fiance is wearing a grey suit – and his groomsmen are also wearing grey. We are wanting to do a variety of ties in the blue and green color scheme.

  6. I’m so so so happy to find such a beautiful site with gorgeous dark green ties! I’m considering that as my spot of color in a possible black/white wedding, as that is the bf’s fave. So many awesome ones to choose from! Favorites: Dark hunter green, dark green floral, solid in green… There were so many I had to create my own Pin for Pinterest. LOL

  7. I love all of the different color groupings! I am planning on sunset colors for my wedding this July (light teal, peach, raspberry, orange, yellow) and am planning on different colors/shades/patterns for my fiance and his groomsmen. I really like the orange with white flowers, the paisley, and the striped in the peach group.

  8. I’m thinking grey gingham ties for our groomsmen to wear with suspenders. We are having our wedding on a farm….perfect!

  9. The website is full of beautiful ties!!! I love the dark blue ones. What a great opportunity!

  10. In love with purple ties! All the man are going to be wearing grey suites with eggplant purple ties! eek cant wait for the big day!

  11. Definitely like all of the red ties! We would be really grateful to win this!

  12. Like the blue ties. The groomsmen have their choice of turqouise-blue and red ties.

  13. I’m entering this for my daughter who is getting married next May. I’m not sure what colors she wants but I know that she would be so happy to win this. Thank you.

  14. Love this site! Great way to pick ties. I love the blue stripes and the ones with polka dots. Our colors are bright orange and blue, so they have tons of choices that would work well for each of our groomsmen to pick their own tie!

  15. I live the peach ones but am going for a rose color. I’m pushing for carried ties!

  16. The green ties are my favorite. I would have each of the groomsmen but in the green family. Green is my future hubbies favorite color and we are going to have a sweet backyard wedding which would tie (no pun intended) in the green perfectly!

  17. I think this was a sign that I saw this post! We’re getting married exactly 2 months from April 24th (when the contest ends), on June 24th. AND the featured colors are the colors of our wedding (navy blues, peaches, and natural/beige colors)! I love all the dark blue ties, the patterned ones specifically. All of our groomsmen have linen suits and will be wearing different colored blue ties, and even socks :) Hoping we win this! That would be a huge blessing!!!! =)

  18. I love the blue and teal ties with the stripes. They look extremely nautical. I’m getting married in July and the theme is a mixture of nautical and mermaid. these would be perfect!

  19. I *love* these peach ties – I was so worried that having peach bridesmaids’ dresses meant we’d never find co-ordinating ties that my wonderful fiance would think were too ‘girly’!!

  20. I’m probably going to order from these guys no matter what, but I would LOVE to get all the ties for free! That would be awesome and one less expense for everyone. I know we will be using red ties, but I’m not sure yet if they will be all the same or slightly different. :)

  21. I really like the green ties. We are going for a burlap and lace theme with the splash of color being a mint green. I like the one on the top right. but also like to design on the bottom left. I think the wedding party will all have the same ties and then have my family in a similar colour family with a bit of a pattern.

  22. I would make my groomsmen (and bridesmen) wear ties woven from flowers if I thought I could get away with it, but since I’m sure I can’t (think of the grass stains!) I’d LOVE if they wore the multi-colored striped ties! Especially the one in the peach section, upper left corner.

  23. I love all the greens and blues! I would definitely select a few in the same color family and then allow them to choose their fav…like my BM dresses!

  24. We are using the same tie for the groomsman and my fiance is wearing a bowtie! Can’t wait

  25. Wow – a gorgeous collection of ties! We don’t have such a good colour matching system over here in England. My lovely finance and I are going for a teal and blue colour scheme – we’d go for the gorgeous teal striped tie then I would have a look on the website for a blue polka dot number. Spotty rocks!

  26. Its confirmed again. thanks for sharing so many wonderful wedding related websites. I really like the green ties. However, I think I would have to go with the red ones since thats in the color scheme. Also, I would have the groomsmen where different colors so they too can have so personality in their attire.

  27. I love the green ties! Our colors are purple and green and my fiance wants all of the guys to wear green ties. I love the ones with a pattern – so much more interesting than plain green. Stunning!

  28. I love the purple ties. I’ve been looking for ones to match the bridesmaid dresses and this site has amazing, fun options! the purple and black striped is great!

  29. LOVE these ties! The patters are just great! Our colors are black, white and spring green. Something with a pattern for our groomsmen to wear would give their outfits a unique look!

  30. I’ve had the best time browsing all the ties fitting in our color palette. We’re putting the guys in shades of navy, gray, and ivory, so I was thrilled to see so many fitting and affordable options in one place! I loved the Midnight Blue Striped, Textured in Navy and Silver, Pacific Blue Diamond Patterned, Solid Dark Navy, and Silver Gingham neckties. My fiance is crazy over bowties, and I know Solid Dark Gray is right up his alley.

  31. I’ve been meaning to find some amazing ties for my groom & his groomsmen! Our “theme” is lots of color, so I could totally see myself picking a variety of these amazing ties for all the guys to wear. I especially love the teal ones, and since we’re using teal as our main invitation color, my heart might just belong to it :)

  32. I love the peach colored ties! I have been looking everywhere to find ties that correspond with my neutral mismatched bridesmaid dresses and these are perfect.

  33. I’m all about the green ties! We’re doing sage, champagne, and eggplant as the main wedding party colors so I think we’d do all of our guys in sage, plus a tiny bow tie for my little ringbearer!

  34. I would love my groomsmen to wear different ties in the same color family (or maybe even different colors—am having a hard time deciding!) But, my favorite tie I’ve seen so far is the Handwoven Clover Green Tie.

  35. For an early September wedding, the inspiration I am using for my groomsmen is to blending of Summer into Fall. With this inspiration in mind, I am asking my groomsmen to wear different ties that blend from yellow (summer) to to cream (neutral) to orange (fall) set against a back drop of heather gray gingham. I want each of them to find there own take on this notion of blending summer into fall, while still simulatneously keeping with the set color spectrum. It is this notion of blending that leads me to prefer the peach tie in the top left hand corner. The blues bleed into dark reds and then into golds and oranges, a full spectrum of Summer into Fall. A very beautiful tie indeed.

  36. the champagne silk necktie is beautiful.

  37. In love with the green ties!!!! Thanks for the wonderful site!

  38. My wedding’s going to be burgundy, pink & silver and after looking at the ties, I think the silver-gray striped tie would be perfect. Though all of the ties are really beautiful!

  39. I personally like the peach ties.

  40. We’re using all types of oranges, peaches, bright poppy colors, yellows and deep purples, so we were thinking of having each groomsman in a different color tie that went with the color scheme. I’d love to win this and let them each choose the one they like!!

  41. Tara Turner Oppenheimer on:

    I LOVE the peach scheme. I am so glad that you guys posted this. I think we are going to do different ties within that same family. We are very excited!!!

  42. I’ve totally been searching for minty guy ties, and these look perfect!

  43. Oh my goodness, these are all so cute! My favorite is the blue striped tie on the top center of the ‘blue ties’ collage, but I’d probably let the groomsmen choose their favorites. They’re all so cute you can’t really go wrong!

  44. Digging the blue plaid tie. Right now all the guys are doing their own thing, but after looking at these….

  45. i love love love all the peach ties. as luck would have it – that’s one of our colors! the guys are all wearing their own grey pants, so i’d like them to all wear the same ties.

  46. My favorite is the black bow tie with white polka dots or the striped silk necktie in silver and white. They’re all great ties tho! Right now, I am leaning towards picking different ties in the same color family.

  47. We are doing a coral(s) and sea foam wedding and I think the peach ties would ALL look AMAZING!!! All the guys would definitely be sporting these ties, and they would all choose their own (minus the little men-ring bearers) ;) I would probably be choosing theirs!

  48. the peach set is perfect!!!

  49. I’ve already pinned the teal plaid one as a possible tie for my groom, made even better by the fact that I found an almost perfect matching dog-tie on sale at Fab (our dog is also our ring-bearer).

    We were going to let the guys choose their own ties in any teal-ish color, but we’d also love to be able to give them a great tie as part of their wedding gift!

  50. We’re doing a mixture of ties on the groomsmen and a fancy peach tie for my husband-to-be! The Preppy Peach Paisley Tie is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!


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