A New Year’s Eve Celebration

Thanks so much to Amanda from In The Now Weddings for sending me this fabulous New Year’s Eve Inspiration. From Amanda, The way this came about was to revitalize the humble, homespun New Year’s Eve soiree. I tried to stick with the traditions but took the colors a step further and the decor up a notch. Palette: Chocolate, Gold, Copper/Rust with accents of bone.

The Favors: The obvious choice was to go with the traditional trinkets of NYE- horn blowers and tinsel “sparklers”, which were re-purposed from party store accessories. We simply dressed them up modern style [the gold blowers gold a chic corset wrap and the tinsel was glued to sleek acrylic rods and finished with ribbon]. They were tied together with a rust ombre ribbon and tag to remind the guests of the reason for gathering [to ring in the new year]! And who can forget the classically cheesy New Year’s gold hat! I re-worked the design to tie a stunning chocolate ribbon around it and added two copper-toned feathers to add that designer’s touch.

The Papers: I wanted a simple feel for our paper products, so we went with gold shimmer paper and copper design/writing. Each place card featured a name and picture of a random object with a quote/statement underneath pertaining to starting over in the new year. The one featured, with the name Amanda, says “you already know where you’re going”. I wanted them to be simply inspirational about how we have a new start in just a few hours. For the menus, I focused on the idea of being the iconic “last supper… of 2009”. I felt the play on the idea of a heavy, regrettable meal along side the inspirational and positively-toned place cards was a hoot!

The Decor: My favorite part of the setting was the over-sized, hand made metallic confetti. It brought in the simple “celebration” element that really set the tone for the dinner. The non-floral centerpieces, which is what I saw most fit for the party, were actually just jewelry “tree” holders and the pod-flowers were affixed to them with hot glue. The faux bois candle holders were actually from my home- as I’m totally head over heels for faux bois. I really liked playing with the metals and organics together- the tree out of metal, the flowers out of wood, the candle holders out of metal made to look like wood.

Rentals – Classic Party Rentals
Linens – La Tavola Linens
Design – In The Now Weddings
Photography – In The Now Weddings [Josh and Amanda Auer]

Thanks for taking the time to share this wonderful inspiration with us Amanda!

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  1. This is just charming! I love the marriage of old and new. My fave is also the over-sized confetti, so fun!

  2. ooooooh! so so fun. love it. happy new year to you!

  3. love Love LOVE IT!

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  5. I LOVE this NY's table setting!!! It's so different from the typical NY's vibe I'm seeing out there! I'm so happy to see Amanda's work (from In the Now Weddings)…she is AMAZING!!!

  6. I've always dreamed of getting married on New Years Eve. This table scape is amazing and in colors I never would have thought of! LOVE IT!

    Happy New Year! ox

  7. Stunning Palette…so warm and yet so festive.
    A Happy New Year to you…looking forward to your posts in 2010.

  8. Love the stemmed table centerpiece with white flower trinkets, such creativity!!! Very classy and elegant with such stylish designs! Simply love it!!!

    Looking forward to wonderful weddings in 2010. Happy New Year!

  9. I love the photos! They all looked so festive and so gay! Very elegant yet it looks so simple to make! Happy New Year!

  10. I love that it isnt all metallic and silver and black, I love the bold and warm colors thrown in. It's great.

    Happy New Year!

  11. I love it too, it meakes me so romantic.

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  13. I am getting married this New Year’s Eve and absolutely love the look of the gold horns and “tinsel sparklers.” You mentioned that the tinsel sparklers were made from acrylic sticks and tinsel. I have looked all over for these already made or the materials to make them and cannot find anything anywhere. Can you provide any information on where you got the materials and how you made them? Thanks! Your pictures are great!


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