A Hunger Games Styled Wedding

hunger games wedding inspiration

Ok, all you Hunger Games fans! I know lots of you lovelies are excited to see the movie after falling in love with the books, so we have not one, but two Hunger Games Themed Shoots to share today! The first is in a fun interpretation of what Katniss + Peeta’s wedding might be like (if they got married) and the second post shows you how to incorporate elements from the books + movie into your own day! Super fun and so excited to share both. Even if you haven’t read the books yet , I think you’ll find things to love from both of these and possibly an idea to steal for your own day! Big thanks to Meghan Christine Photography for the photos.

A bit about the Hunger Games Styled shoot from Kellie Ann Events + Weddings who was the coordinator for the shoot:

One of the things I love as a coordinator or stylist for events and weddings, is getting to help ideas and dreams come to life. That is exactly what happened with this Hunger Games Styled Shoot. I truly believe that adding small touches in unique ways will give any event or wedding that personal feeling. Keep in mind that most everything we used was purchased for a cheap price at our local craft store or found in my own neighborhood. (It’s true what they say; One man’s trash is my craft supplies).

hunger games wedding inspiration

hunger games wedding invitation

Pinecone flowers. Let just say the creative ideas can come from anywhere. Whether it’s your own thought, or you’re inspired by the world around you, or you put your own twist on someone else’s idea. I love creating things of beauty out of things found in nature, and I got particularly inspired by something I saw at the Flower Mart. To create these lovely Pinecone flowers I just took walk, I brought a bag with me and searched the neighborhood for fallen pinecones (remember, the larger the pinecone the better). To create these beauties, I started by pulling apart the pinecones I had collected until I had a mound of pinecone “petals”. I again used a wooden dowel I found at JoAnn’s, and started hot gluing the pieces from the inside out. I think that the finished product turned out quite amazing.

arrow inspired invitation

hunger games wedding invitation

hunger games wood seats

hunger games twig initials

hunger games twig initials

hunger games wedding inspiration

Wood Burning Details. We had two specific wood burned details. The first was the Mockingjay symbol, this was created to tie in our theme with the desert table, and to match the fantastic chocolate Mockingjays that Kacee created. The other was our “Happily Ever After” sign. This was a twist on your average “Ceremony/Reception” Sign. It’s those small twists and changes that make YOUR event unique, and thus-more YOU. Both of these were created with left over wood from a previous project, but they can easily be found at any craft or hobby store. There was no special wood burning technique, just a simple wood burning tool.

hunger games wood slice

name cards in a frame

green wedding cake with paper flowers

hunger games arrow bouquet

During one of our preparation meetings, Meghan thought that it would be a great idea to have Katniss holding not just a normal bouquet but a bouquet of arrows. Immediately my creative juices started flowing. Getting arrows from a general archery store would be expensive and quite honestly they would not create an aesthetically pleasing bouquet. Knowing this, I went to JoAnn’s (you could go to any local craft store) and I picked up small wooden dowels and some wooden hearts. These, in addition to the spray paint, glitter, hot glue, and modge podge, would be all the supplies needed to create something both unique and beautiful. After I cut the dowels to size, and hot glued the hearts (upside down), I spray painted them so that they were the brown I wanted. I added some modge podge and glitter to make them sparkle and some feathers to keep it authentic. To finish it up I added burlap, twine, and one of Grandma’s old buttons to tie it all together. In the end I got to help Meghan’s unique idea become a reality.

hunger games wedding inspiration

hunger games katniss bow and arrow

hunger games peeta

hunger games wedding inspiration

hunger games wedding inspiration

hunger games wedding inspiration

Pretty cute ideas, right? Love the bouquet of heart arrows!! Big thanks to all these creative artists for sharing their talents with us today!

photography + concept: Meghan Christine Photography and Whitney McGillicuddy // coordinator: Kellie Ann Events + Weddings // china, flatware, glassware, and napkins: The Vintage Table Co. // paper products: One Handspun Day // cake and cupcakes: Kacee Forte // bride and groom attire: The Gown Swap // makeup: Beautiful Faces by Denise // hair: Laura Polsgrove of Butterfly Salon // models: Lukas and Susannah VanDyke

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  1. I saw another Hunger Games style shoot recently that I did not like nearly as much. This looks way more authentic because of the rustic elements, I believe. The other was trying to be “high end” and it just didn’t work. I’m really loving the arrow design on the invites here, too! Excellent job!

  2. Wow! So impressive! :) I love the books, but this is just excellent! Great job you two!
    And of course to the Photographer….well done capturing it all!

  3. I don’t know how I feel about a “kill or die”-themed wedding. For sure, the books are great, but having the “Hunger Games” as a wedding theme makes me feel a little awkward. The pictures are nice, though.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring us Jen! We had a blast working on this shoot. All of the vendors did a beautiful job. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  5. Really neat guys! Looks like a blast!

  6. It was SO much fun designing the paper pretties for this styled shoot and it was liberating to celebrate the bits of beauty in such a dark story!!!

    I’m walking on clouds seeing it shared with everyone here ~ thank you so much for the feature Jen!

  7. What fun shoot to make possible! Im in love with the books and cant wait for the movie! It was so excited to work with the talent of Meghan Christine photography talents of (www.MeghanChristine.com)

  8. These are amazing! I absolutely LOVE the creativity behind this shoot! Way to Go!! :)

  9. Yeah, this is pretty awesome. It definitely feels like the sort of simple, no-fuss wedding those two would love. The little details are adorable. Love it!

  10. Love the untouched wood details, the chairs are great! and who would have thought that twigs as tables decorations would look so good! The photograph near the bottom in the dried field looks very nice! and so does the top one on the left! Nice photography all round. Beautiful setting for a wedding!

  11. Loving these Hunger Games inspired shoots. The glitter heart arrows are perfect!

  12. I love everything about this. The photos, arrows, and invitations are cute

  13. Love Love Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. So cute! The only thing missing is BREAD. After all, Peeta IS the boy with the bread. ;)

  15. I had so much fun working on this Shoot! I am so excited that people are getting to enjoy the photos. Jen, I can’t even explain how honored I am that you featured us. Thank you so much!!

  16. Looks great. The frame on the tree is a neat concept. Love the use of the bow.

  17. Everyone involved in this shoot did such a fantastic job! SO much creativity! I loved getting to be Katniss with so many talented people! Plus I got to kiss Lukas, I mean, Peeta ; )

  18. Congrats on the feature lovely ladies:)!

  19. this is amazing. two of my favorite things (weddings and hunger games) mixed into one. The stationery is PERFECT, that’s my favorite detail.

  20. I’m so proud to have been a part of this gorgeous photo shoot! Doing Suzy’s (Katniss) makeup is always such a joy with her beautiful facial structure and huge eyes! Everyone worked really hard…thanks Jen for featuring us!!

  21. Susannah! Aw, girl you look beautiful!

  22. This is so awesome and so creative – love it!

  23. i feel like both of these shoots today fell short with all the inspiration in the books! especially since are they taking place in the woods where Katniss and Gale go? not Peeta… (although YES! to the other commenter that mentioned the boy with the bread) (and what about prim as a flower girl?)

    would be interested in seeing a Capitol-inspired shoot… or just one that plays up the “girl on fire” aspect more (like Jennifer Lawrence’s AMAZING premier dresses!)

  24. Liz – I think you would enjoy this behind the scenes which includes more original ideas from the book – including the bread- enjoy! http://onehandspunday.com/blog/hunger-games-wedding-a-closer-look

  25. Lianna of Elbee Designs on:

    So stunning!! Lukas and Susannah match their extremely talented photography skills with their gorgeous modeling!! Keep these shoots coming!!

  26. This really makes me want to read the books now!

  27. Haven’t read the books and probably won’t see the movie til it comes out on dvd, but this is still an amazing photo shoot and the images are beautiful.

  28. Love this shoot! I’m a huge fan of the books and this the best Hunger Games inspired shoot I’ve seen!

  29. Nice photos. Wish I could see the details on the invitation or the menu better though. Very bright/white, but otherwise awesome photos. Love the arrows too.

  30. This is so lovely! Her dress is so gorgeous. :)


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