A Georgia Handmade Wedding: Casey + Brandon

Today I’m sharing Casey + Brandon’s sweet Georgia wedding. I love that Casey was a big fan of GWS while planning her wedding. :) Casey + Brandon wanted an outdoor wedding. They were lucky enough to have the perfect field right next door to their church to use as the ceremony location and then they used their church (a big wooden barn!) for the reception. They really wanted their wedding to feel “homemade, whimsical and really personalized,” so Casey and her mom gathered lots of vintage objects to add to the centerpieces on the tables. The ladies from her church made all the table clothes and bow ties + ties for the guys. Big thanks to Adam of w. scott chester photography for the gorgeous photos!

bride and goom

bridesmaids in floral wrap robes

Gorgeous plum pretty sugar robes for all the bridesmaids!

bride in silver heels

bride in field

silver glitter toms wedding shoes

groomsmen at barn

personalized wedding welcome sign

rustic ceremony

What song did you walk down the aisle to?
My wedding party walked down the aisle to “House of God Forever” by Jon Foreman and I walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of the Dirty Projector’s “Two Doves.” I feel like that sums up our whole wedding…God centered with a splash of unconventionality.

hanging flowers ceremony altar

My dad and granddad officiated the ceremony, which also helped make the day really special, I just adore my dad!

big tree ceremony

bride and groom first kiss

bride and groom ceremony exit

whimsical hanging flowers wedding decor

jump bridal party shot

bride and groom on road

cupcake wedding dessert

vintage reception decor

Well the answer to this question comes with a bit of a back story…It had always been my secret dream to have my husband, during the cake feeding section of the reception, smash wedding cake in my face. I didn’t want to tell Brandon about this dream of mine, because of course I wanted it to come from the heart if it was going to happen. When that time came I was sure Brandon would NOT smash cake in my face because he’s the nicest person alive and I was sure he would find the idea appalling. So we got up there and cut the cake and before I knew what had happened, Brandon smashed the whole plate of cake on my face! So I grabbed a chuck and kindly returned the favor. That was definitely the highlight of my wedding day…sooo perfect.

wedding reception dance floor

bride and groom first dance

Another amazing part of our wedding was the very end. I was under the impression that Brandon and I would be exiting the church to a fanfare of sparklers…but my mom secretly organized the purchase of hundreds of Chinese Wishing Lanterns (a la the movie “Tangled”) which were handed out to our guests as Brandon and I got ready to leave. We walked outside to a field of glowing orbs and we, with all of our guests, released hundreds of lanterns into the night sky. It was a truly magical ending to a truly magical day.

chinese wishing lantern reception

HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER! The woman we hired quickly became my favorite person on earth. She made planning everything so much fun, and it gave me the freedom to focus on the things that were important to me while she worked with all the vendors and figured out how many napkins we needed to order.

And check out this amazing video their friends at Fancy Rhino created for them! So perfect. Congrats to Casey + Brandon!!

vendors: photography: adam of w. scott chester photography // venue: Rock Creek Fellowship in Rising Fawn, Georgia  // wedding dress: Enzoani // event planner: Jill Allen // floral design: Linda Pettit // shoes: Steve Madden // cinematography: Fancy Rhino // catering: Food Works // cake: Good Dog // music: Sound Force // bridesmaids robes: plum pretty sugar // bridesmaids shoes: TOMS

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  1. AH! That dress!! She looks absolutely amazing- it fits her perfectly!

  2. This is so filled with love, love, love and many sweet memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Lovely! The photo of the bride in front of the very sweet animal wall paper is stunning.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous images. I am starting up my own photography business and find the style very inspiring. Wow.

  5. Positively in love with this wedding. And a bride who WANTS her groom to smash the cake in her face? Props to her for dreams come true! Beautiful.

  6. Adorable! Love Casey’s dress!! All the vintage elements, the bowties- just perfect! Yay-congrats to Casey & Brandon!

  7. Beautiful wedding! And that video was one of the best I’ve ever seen…completely perfect. The Chinese lanterns were so, so cool!

  8. These pictures are spectacular at showing us the beauty of the wedding and and bride, and the uniqueness of the day. Her dress is gorgeous and I love the simple touches throughout the wedding! The Japanese Lanters were a spectacular way to send the bride and groom on their way.

  9. So many congratulations to Casey and Brandon. With gratitude and sweet wishes :)



  10. I literally cannot express in words how amazing this wedding was. I am in LOVE with that video too. I tried to contact the vendor (clicking on the link) and it wasn’t available. [fancyrhino].. please tell me how I can get a hold of them. I am a New England girl however.. so even if you know anyone in this area who could create something like that.. I would be so happy.

  11. Katy – I know, such a great video, right?!! :) When you click their link, the top right says “get a quote” that is a form submission and you can email them through that. I think they would be open to traveling to New England also :) Good luck!!

  12. gorgeous dress and such cute details!

  13. wow! what a STUNNING bride and I must repeat what everyone else is saying – that dress is amazing and fits her like a glove! you can really feel the love from these photos.

    love those centerpieces – and props for a mom that helps you find vintage gear!

    also the chinese wishing lanterns… never seen that before. what an awesome idea.

  14. OH my gosh! I got goosebumps watching the video. Especially when he watched her coming down the aisle.

  15. I love a romantic wedding!

  16. Gorgeous wedding, such a beautiful dress! What is hanging from the trees, are they flowers? And how have they made them hang? They look fantastic!

  17. I CRIED!!!! Wow this wedding was beautiful. I’m a photographer, myself, and really LOVE photos…. but man… there is just something about a wedding video!!!!
    love everything about this wedding!

  18. This wedding is so beautiful. I love how the bridesmaids are not all matching and the beautiful lanterns at the end.

    Great advice from the bride too :)

  19. Casey (the bride) Snipes on:

    Kalie – the hanging flowers were carnations strung upside-down on strands of hemp which were then tied to upside-down wire plant hanging baskets! a relatively cheap project :)

  20. Casey (the bride) Snipes on:

    P.S. I also couldn’t get the Fancy Rhino link to work, but there website is http://fancyrhino.com/
    so you can get to it that way :)

  21. I can tell that this is a God centered relationship…just by the way he looks at her! so exciting!

  22. Sweetest.thing.EVER! Loved how personalized everything was. Can’t imagine anything that would have made it better! Congrats, Casey! From your sweet momma’s friend, Lorrie!

  23. Wow! I cried watching this amazing video! His sweet reaction and how happy he was as she walked down the aisle really shows their love for each other! I loved that she wanted cake in her face and the lanterns were breathtaking. I wish I was there, haha. Perfect :)

  24. This wedding was beautiful <3 The groom's reaction to casey walking down the aisle is so priceless…. you can really see how in love they are! I love young love and I can't wait till my wedding in March!! :) Congratulations Casey, you were such a beautiful bride! :)

  25. Where did she get her bridesmaid dresses? Love them!

  26. Every detail of this wedding is beautiful. La-oved their video (groom’s first look reaction is priceless.) Congrats to this wonderful couple and all of their friends and family. Stunning wedding.

  27. This wedding is so beautiful and simple. Their backdrop for the ceremony with the hanging carnations is so elegant and charming!

  28. This is so amazing! AND each of the bridesmaids gave a pair of shoes to someone in need… simply amazing!

  29. This is SO up our alley! Loving his vest/pants combo– increasingly popular over summer 2011! His bow tie and their vintage touches are to die for. I also love the photography tints. They are a beautiful couple, what an awesome wedding day!

  30. Where did you get your dress from? It’s absolutely gorgeous! :D

  31. This was absolutely gorgeous. Anymore pictures of the back of her hair?? That style is GORGEOUS!

  32. This is just too beautiful! Love everything about this wedding — and the video is perfect. Anyone know where the groom’s bow tie is from??

  33. I laughed when I heard about the first song in the video, such an engaging and fun song! Could I know the title of the song and the singer?

    This wedding was so inspiring, and as a 20-year-old girl I always dream about my own wedding too one day; and these pictures and the video is just memorable and wonderful. Congratulation to Casey and Brandon, I wish you both have a long and wonderful life ahead.

  34. I too love this wedding and the setting. I believe I read that the barn is the church in georgia? I live in Georgia and have been looking for barns as a setting. Would it possibly be available to pay to rent out or do you know of any venues where I could look at. I love this style..this is what I have been going for.

  35. This looks like it was so much fun, so many people in the wedding party too! Every detail was well thought out, you’re causing me to look into the vintage feel for my own wedding-yours looked just fabulous! Very beautiful. Where did your mom get the lanterns? I’d love to do that at my wedding, but I’ve only seen them in 10-15 pks. Thanks and congrats!

  36. Nice photo editing on the colors! love the vintage look!

  37. Has anyone found out what style name this dress is by Enzoani? Absolutely love it but can’t find it…thanks!

  38. This is beyond cute. In fact, it was so presh that I cried….and I don’t even know these people! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  39. The bestman was crying a little in the video, it’s a beautiful wedding, it’s simple but meaningful.

  40. I cried when I read the ending. So perfect!

  41. Kudos to all involved with this wedding– from the photographers, film crew, and wedding party. What a beautiful occasion. The video brought tears to my eyes. You can see how genuinely happy everyone is. Great job capturing that!

  42. I saw this wedding video another place and I can’t believe I managed to stumble upon Casey’s gsw page. This is the most PERFECT wedding I have ever seen. The video, the patterns, the pictures… they’re amazing!!
    Love this, LOVE this.

  43. Can you tell me what is the music on the video? Who is singer?

  44. It’s absolutely alright if you don’t want to share specifically, but what is the name of your dress? From what season and year?

    I am madly in love with it!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful day!

  45. I’ve seen so many blogs and so many bridal parties are wearing Toms. It is such a good idea for a summer/spring wedding! I think they fit in with a laid back fun wedding and I love that they donate to charity too… The photographs are beautiful I love the use of lomo camera and the dreamy lighting. I’m starting to get some inspiration and am looking forward to planning my own!


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