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Real Wedding: Dominique + Taylor’s Fun Wedding

As soon as photographer Joshua Caine sent over a peek at this whimsical wedding last week, I just couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. Dominique + Taylor were married in Parkfield, California and the whole day was inspired by one of their favorite songs Big Rock Candy Mountain. It was such a whimsical, thoughtfully quirky and wildly fun wedding. Thanks to Dominique + Taylor for providing us some insight into your super fun wedding.

Dominique walked down the isle to a Ava Marie, recorded by her late grandfather. How beautiful!

Our cake was made by my mom. It was made from an amazing, very exclusive recipe called, “funfetti” (yes, the boxed funfetti that has the little candies in it. It’s my favorite!) She decorated it with lace and our monogram. It was only a little cake for display so we had something to cut. Taylor’s mom made tiny felt bride and groom owls wearing a birdcage veil and suspenders. They sat on the top of the cake. Our guests were served a yummy peanut butter cheesecake that was provided by the Parkfield Cafe.

I think we both enjoyed the dance party that went well into the wee hours of the morning. We had so much fun dancing and enjoying a beautiful night with all of our favorite people to celebrate us as husband and wife. But the whole day was memorable so it's really hard to pick just one!

What was your favorite detail of the wedding? ALL of the little details! The 52 chevy used as a guest book … all of the unique trinkets collected for centerpieces … the unique setting of Parkfield … our HUGE toasting glasses .. .the photobooth … karaoke the list goes on. It would be impossible for us to pick just one detail because all of the time and thought we put in to EVERY detail is what made our day so special and unique.

And a few other fun things to note: Each guest had a mason jar with chalk board painted on it for them to write their name on. In the champagne glasses they put colored rock candy at the bottom so when the champagne hit it would turn different colors. They had a large popcorn maker with many toppings for guest to have as the evening went on. And the guests were all invited to camp over for the night! Such a fun fun wedding!

Photographer: Joshua Caine
Planner: Kristin Odenwald with Jour Parfait
Venues: Parkfield, Parkfield California
Florist: Lori Boe
Caterer: Parkfield Cafe
Bride’s Dress: vintage (timeless vixen) It was altered by Jennifer at “Something Blue”
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: all dresses were by Betsey Johnson. Lots of bows and ruffles
Accessories: All bride’s accessories were vintage pieces collected from different places. Bridesmaid’s accessories: handmade nameplate necklaces given as gifts by the bride. A mixture of hairpieces and earrings were also given as gifts by the bride from vendors off of Etsy.

Thanks so much Joshua for sharing your lovely work with us and congrats to Dominique + Taylor! Your looked way fun. :)

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Vote for our Dream Love Story Winner!

Thank you so much to all of you who entered our contest to win a Love Shoot photographed by Caroline Tran and styled by Jen of Green Wedding Shoes. We had hundreds of amazing entries. Caroline and I both loved reading your stories of love, how you met, and how you imagined your story told. It was super hard to narrow down to finalists. Last week, we emailed 20 of you and asked you to take a stab at an inspiration board for your session. Thanks for doing that – it will help give readers a better visual and hopefully got the finalists excited about the possibility. And to all you readers, please do consider the inspiration boards, but remember that Caroline + I are here to make the story really come to life – even better than the couple imagined. :)

And now – congrats to our 4 finalists! Please take some time and read their stories and vote for which one you would like to see come to life. Voting will end on Monday March 1 at 8pm Pacific Time. Good luck to everyone!

1. Shannon + Scott
We were married August 21, 2009 among our closest family and friends at my grandparents ranch. Our wedding was perfection, just the perfect weather, wonderful people, and a whole bunch of dancing to celebrate our love. We met back in 2007 through mutual friends and became an official couple a few months after meeting and married a little over a year after! There was nothing holding us back from committing our love and lives to each other. We felt (and feel) so blessed to call the other partner, lover, and best friend. Our relationship is fun, incredibly silly, and full of love. We make everything a game – from who can guess right answers, who can run faster up the stairs, seriously anything and everything is turned into a competition. It’s pure fun, however, Scott swears he will always win regardless of how hard I try. Scott is an avid golfer and is extremely good at the game. I am soon to graduate college and aspire to work in design.

Our dream shoot would be a nod to Scott’s passion for golf and my passion for all things vintage. It would be so wonderful to have a shoot featuring the sport that is so close to my husband’s heart. He loves the history and old style golfers had back then. It would be so special to us to have photos taken of us in our first year of marriage, to capture this new and wonderful journey we are on.

Our dream shoot would take place at a rustic and historical golf course with visually stunning holes and great architectural buildings. It would have a vintage European feel with antique golf attire, knickers, and equipment. Old school country club style infused with dress of the Kentucky derby too. Scott would wear old knickers, argyle socks and shirt, along with a hat of the period. I would be featured in a vintage style dress, giving a nod to the time, along with that style of make up and a fantastic derby hat.

Gitman, Golfs Art Gallery, Kellan Studios via Southern Weddings Magazine, Jose Villa, Jose VillaStyle Me Pretty, Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty, Lisa Lefkowitz, Jose Villa via Style Me Pretty, Winifred and Bance

2. Nikki + Bryan
I am an extrovert and my loving husband, an introvert. But we work. I’m over the top, and he reigns me in. I think of the ideas, and he puts them in action. He’s the brains, I’m the entertainment. We fight, we laugh and we have two crazy dogs that mirror our personalities (yes people really do resemble their pets!). I love my husband to death but he will NOT smile for photos. I either have to use a zoom lens to catch him off guard, or resort to a nipple pinch or tickling to get him to smile. But our wedding day? All smiles. Our photographer was impressed!

How would you want your love story told?: My dream photo shoot would be of us doing some retro camping. I love camping, and always tell my husband stories of how we used to wake up to my dad frying eggs on the tailgate. I love looking at photos of my parents camping when they were newlyweds. I’d love to recreate something like that. I’ve always been a big fan of JCrew’s location shoots. Simple and earthy. Redwing boots and a 5 o’clock shadow. That’s how my husband looks best!

Flickr, Mister Crew, Getty Images, This Next- JCrew, Wikipedia, Gossip Sauce, Red Bubble, Woman’s Health Magazine, Wikimedia, Hedgerow Hippy, Inside Social, Cool Like Chloe, Center: Disney Family Travel

3. Caitlin + Simon
Simon and I met while working for Outward Bound in Boston. He was running a training course for future instructors and I was a trainee. Initially, it was just a teacher/student crush… That was over four years ago. There is very little about our relationship that has been convenient. We have done significant stints apart and our relationship has spanned continents. We spend more time in airplanes than we do in our home, which is in Sydney, Australia. We work at sea. We live in Bermuda. My family is in the states. All signs have pointed to our relationship not working … We’re getting married this year. It’s, quite possibly, a marriage of inconvenience. We are th

My dream photo shoot would focus on the activities we both enjoy that have kept our relationship strong and have outweighed the obstacles. Primarily surfing and sailing. Ideally, I would love a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-style beach picnic with a classic bathing tent, classy longboards and/or a classic Chris Craft motor launch (I’m flexible, a picture would suffice). Chitty Chitty Bang Bang doesn’t hold significant meaning to us, but we both often find ourselves with the song stuck in our head!!

Top row: JFK and Jackie photograph from LIFE Magazine, Ideal Living, Vintage Longboard, Pixdaus, Chuck Bass Courtesy of Giovanni Rufino/The CW, Zooey Deschanel photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth, Photobucket bottom row: Flickr, CassiaBeck (Etsy), BuzzSugar

4. Amanda + Daniel
We met on the track and field team at Shippensburg University. I was a freshman and he was a senior. I never even knew he existed – he was a distance freak, and I stuck to the field events. Our paths just never crossed, even though we were on the same team. The first time meeting him for me was a “well hel-LO and where have you been all my life?!”Instant attraction. And like I said before, I first saw him at a meet. AND he was reading Harry Potter! Track and Harry Potter are two of my favorite things – obviously this one is a keeper! Apparently, he knew who I was for quite a while, but thought I was “out of his league” so he didn’t even try! Stupid :)

We are a random, weird, fun-loving, never serious, sarcastic couple. We love a good time, track & field, and most importantly each other. We were made for each other. Right now we are living in Shippensburg, PA while I finish my senior year at Shippensburg University. I’m on the track team and he is an assistant coach there. His dream is to be a Division I cross country coach, and I’ll follow him anywhere so he can pursue that dream. I would love to be a personal trainer. As long as we are together and it’s warm outside! We are, however, EXTREMELY anxious to leave PA. We are ready for a change. California would be a dream! :)

Our dream shoot, of course, has to be on a track. At least part of the time. Track and field is a major part of both of our lives and it’s how we met! I’m not talking about t-shirts and running shorts though. Let’s bring some glam to the track (it doesn’t see it that often, haha). Making a “trash the dress”-ish engagement session would be even more fun – roll around in the long jump pits. Play in the steeple chase pool. We are adventurous and are not afraid to try anything! Anything fun that will make us laugh! Following up at an amusement park or somewhere outside would be ideal. Again, I’m talking about bringing glam and sexyness to the outside :) A lake or in the woods! Or running around an amusement park for a day.

track board
Middle photo: Google Starting in the upper left corner and going around clockwise: Linczak Photography, Natalie Williams, Jennifer Skog, Ben Waddell, April Greer, Cari Vaughn, Beach Bum Photography, Jennifer Skog, Ben Waddell, Tinywater, Nataly Lemus, Jennifer Skog

Thank you all for voting. The poll has now closed.

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Real Wedding: Ginger + Adam’s Modern Chic Boston Wedding

Today’s gorgeous wedding was sent over from the talented Heather of One Love Photo. You may remember this rainy day wedding I posted from her a few weeks ago. Heather + Jon have such great eyes for composition and capturing sweet moments between the couple. You guys will love this wedding. Since Ginger was living abroad in China this past year, Adam actually did a fair amount of the planning! What a great fiancé. :)

A small intimate foodie wedding with tons of whimsical details…a great party for close friends and family that just happened to have a wedding as the main course… This is how Ginger would describe her day. Love it. When Ginger finally came home a couple months before the wedding , she focused on all the little details and they turned out amazing. I love the modern urban palette of green, chartreuse and gray they choose. The wedding took place in Boston at Mooo Restaurant. I think I’ll let the photos tell their lovely story…

The gorgeous hair pieces, boutonnieres and veil were created by the lovely Lauren of Lo Boheme.

I love first looks…

How fun to get married around all the wine bottles! Such an intimate setting.

From their plannerFrancie Mathey for Tangorra Wedding Planning, You know, there were so many little touches that I adored at this wedding – the manzanita branches with hanging candles, the antique birdcages filled with flowers, the barn board cocktail tables, the DIY feather bouts, the etsy-supplied dessert station… but I have to say MY favorite detail was the guestbook table – Adam and Ginger bought and refinished a desk, which we set up with a louis ghost chair and a typewriter for the guests to leave them a sweet message on. Loved it!

Favorite detail of the wedding was: Our USB mixtape Favors. Let me just start off by saying my fav movie of all time is [High Fidelity]…and I truly believe the mixtape = the most profound communication device ever created. Mixtapes (actually mix CDs) were an integral part of Adam and my courtship…it was how Adam first got me to go out with him…and it continued to play a big part during the early parts of our relationship where we exchanged dozens of mix CDs…So when I found USB mixtapes online while wedding planning, we just knew they had to be the wedding favors…The best part was that we were able to personalize these favors with a selection of our fav songs from the old mix CDs we exchanged…so we could share “our relationship soundtrack” with our guests.

I love the bird cake topper from one of my favorites, Lauren Alane.

I didn’t want a traditional bouquet toss…since both Adam and I work at PUMA, we thought it would be only be fitting to do sneaker bouquet (catch bouquet = free PUMA shoes)…It worked out perfectly, we actually got one of my tomboy friends (a sneakerhead who would not be caught dead at a bouquet toss otherwise) to grab for the bouquet…she did a combo football tackle/ basketball jump move…all for the ultimate prize, a pair of limited edition PUMAs

Ginger + Adam put their wedding clothes back on the day after for some fun portraits around Boston. Such a great idea to get more portraits if there is not enough time on the wedding day – or especially in the winter months, when daylight is more limited.

From Ginger,

1) Do your homework (research blogs, ebay, Etsy) for ideas/items you can make your own and vendors who can add a personalized touches to your wedding…Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to customize and DIY…a hot glue gun can be your best friend…

2) Find vendors who care more about their work than their business, if you find people who really put heart into what they do, they will put more care into what they do for you

3) Even if you have your own creative vision, hire a wedding planner as an event manager, you’ll need someone who’s only job is to fight for your special day (especially if you were planning a wedding while working aboard like I was )

From Francie (their planner), I particularly loved this wedding because it was not your “typical” Boston wedding, and it was fabulous! We are not blessed, here in Boston, with an abundance of interesting (non-hotel) venues or restaurants with private spaces large enough to host a wedding – don’t get me wrong, they exist, but are fewer and further between than they seem to be in other cities. So I loved that Adam and Ginger planned an intimate wedding and party for their friends that was in a surrounding that really spoke to who they are, and the vibe they were going for. Everything turned out perfectly, and I really can’t think of a better space for this wedding than Mooo!

Bride Fashion

Dress + Earrings: Melissa Sweet + unknown designer (earrings) at Priscilla of Boston

Shoes: Kate Spade – with DIY green feather additions at My Glass Slipper

Hairpiece + Veil: LoBoheme (she did all the bouts and bridesmaid hairpieces too)

Makeup: Dani from Dani Wagener (who needs photoshop when you have Dani)

Hair: Sarah Bortner from My Big Hair Day (a pro at retro style anti-cliché wedding hair, and just plain adorable)

Groom’s Fashion:

Suit + Tie: Dior

Bridal Party Fashion:

Bridesmaids Dresses: J.Crew

Groomsmen Suits: Alfani Suit from Macys

Event Decor:

Florals + Deco: Ryan Zoller for Winston Flowers

Table Numbers: I DIYed them…I painted cardboard numbers gray, then stamped them with number stamps (green ink), they were then secured with craft sticks on a base made of old wine corks and Spanish moss…cardboard + stamps from Paper Source

Yummy Food:

Catering + Venue: Mooo Restaurant

Cake: Konditor Meister (they also made the bird cookies for the sweets table), cake topper by Lauren Alane

Candy Station: I sourced/designed the candy station myself (but these are my amazing vendors)

· Green Tea + Vanilla Shortbread Cookies from Emily Bakes

· Customized Green + Gray Marshmallow Pops from Fun Favors

· Monogrammed Cookies from SweetAmbs

· Mini Cupcakes: Sweet

· Other Candy: Oh Nuts

Other People who Saved the Day:

Planner: Francie Mathey for Tangorra Wedding Planning

Photographer: Heather + Jon of One Love Photo

Other Great Site I used for DIY Decor:

Modern Deco Items: CB2

Vases + Floral: Save on Crafts

Lux Ribbons: Nicholas Kniel

Feathers + Replica Birds: Lamplight Feathers

Thanks so much to Heather + Jon for sharing your lovely photos with us. Be sure to check out their blog for even more photos from the day and the day after session. Always so inspiring. And congrats to Ginger + Adam – best wishes to you both! Thanks Ginger for providing all the details that went into your day!

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